Going off on unexpected adventures, discovering new cultures, new landscapes, tasting local specialities: travel is an extraordinary experience that completely changes our vision of life and the way we approach our daily lives. Thanks to Yousoon and the travel filter, you can meet people close to you who are as passionate as you are about discovering new cities, new countries and foreign cultures.

Travel, cooking or community dating: put all your chances on your side with Yousoon

Many people enjoy traveling, whether abroad for a change of scenery, or simply to another part of France to unwind over a long weekend. However, traveling alone isn't always so pleasant: it's nice to share your journey and discoveries with the person you love, creating exceptional memories. When you use the Yousoon app, you have the option of choosing the travel dating filter, thanks to which our algorithm will suggest a list of members who are as passionate about this activity as you are. Intuitive, free and easy to use, our app will enable you to meet someone who shares your love of travel, and who will enjoy going on an adventure as much as you do! All you have to do is download our application and create your profile, adding one or more photos and information about your personality, outlook on life and preferences, so that other members can get to know you. Then you can launch your own search using the travel dating filter and many others. Unlike other very generalist sites or applications, Yousoon gives you every chance of success by limiting your search to people with whom you share common interests. In this way, the travel dating filter prevents you from meeting people who are homebound or who don't really like adventure. It saves you a lot of time and is a great way to meet your soulmate!

Meet someone in the right conditions

Nowadays, many people meet online, whether via dating sites, social networks, video games or forums. Indeed, using the Internet to make friends or find love is an ideal solution, as it enables us to chat with people who are not part of our social circle, and whom we probably wouldn't have met in any other way. With Yousoon, you can make sure that the application only offers you profiles of people who have the same interests as you, who are in your geographical area and who are in your age bracket, for example, all thanks to filters like the travel dating filter. This type of filter is ideal for finding someone with whom you've got something in common, and therefore for facilitating your exchanges: you'll always have something to talk about together. What's more, Yousoon helps you turn this virtual meeting into a real-life affair by providing you with a list of places that are particularly suitable for a first meeting: cinemas, theaters, restaurants, exhibition halls or theaters, etc. Situated halfway between your geographical location and that of your contact, these venues will enable you to organize a first meeting in optimal conditions!