Finding a like-minded man or woman is not always easy. These days, it's quite tricky to step outside your circle of friends to meet new people. You need to come up with creative ideas and get out of your routine if you want to be lucky enough to come across new profiles. The Yousoon application allows you to optimize your chances of finding love without having to change all your lifestyle habits.

Find the right profiles for you on Yousoon

To find love, you're looking to meet people in Marseille. Yousoon helps you find men and women matching your search criteria. To do this, you need to be precise and complete in your ad. Your profile must include all the characteristics that are essential to you: age, height (if applicable), smoker or non-smoker, and so on. Without these elements, the application can't determine your search criteria in advance. The rest is up to you. The first exchanges are crucial. They quickly give you an idea of the single person's profile. The best way is to start talking about something you're passionate about: sports, hobbies and interests. With Yousoon, you can select your interests to find people who share them. It's an easy way to get in touch and get ideas for your next meeting. For example, if you're looking for a single man or woman with a passion for outdoor sports, consider suggesting this type of activity after your first date.

Less time wasted with an efficient solution

Looking for love doesn't have to take time away from your daily routine. The idea is not to become a first-date ace, but rather to enable you to meet THE right person. The one who will share your life for a beautiful story. There's no point spending 3 hours of your day liking profiles if they're not relevant to your search criteria. The next logical step after a first exchange by message is naturally to meet in Marseille. However, if the profiles aren't compatible, there's a good chance that these meetings will become tiresome and exhausting. The desire to find the right person won't shine through as much. And that's exactly what Yousoon aims to avoid, by offering you fewer but more qualified profiles right from the start.

Our advice for dating in Marseille

Taking the plunge into the world of virtual Marseille dating can be a frightening prospect. Many people feel this way, especially those who are shy or unfamiliar with digital tools. At first, we advise you to avoid asking yourself too many questions. There's nothing worse for misdirecting discussions than over-calculating your topics. The lack of naturalness is often a drag. It also gives the wrong impression of your personality. Spontaneity and naturalness should be emphasized. Imagine yourself in front of that bachelor over a cup of coffee. You're not going to pick up a notebook or your phone to look for conversion ideas during this meeting in Marseille. Instead, you'll be chatting simply and naturally about a variety of topics. Your first exchanges on the application should take place in the same way. To help you, here are a few questions:

What tone do you use?

What topics can you discuss?

What do you want to know about the person in front of you?

With these details, you can approach your first discussions with peace of mind to find a profile suited to your desires and make effective encounters in Marseille.