Take advantage of Yousoon to make a European date in just a few clicks. For some time, the Covid-19 health crisis made it impossible to travel to faraway lands. Then, little by little, it became easier to travel to European countries closer to home. An opportunity to (re) discover the richness of this continent and its people.

A small, diverse continent

The European continent covers just 2 % of the world's surface. But it is home to almost 750 million people. Italians, Germans, Spaniards, Romanians, Dutch... Some 50 sovereign states live side by side. The languages spoken are equally numerous. Beyond its differences, European culture owes its uniqueness to ancient Greece and Rome. After a tumultuous history, marked by the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, the discovery of the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries, and two world wars, the European Union has for the past ten years brought together 27 member states.

Couple friendship

A European meeting to forge links

At European gatherings, this diversity can create a kind of "Spanish inn" - a place where a wide variety of people meet. A place where everyone brings his or her own meal, creating a wide variety of food. European gatherings can also be a way of healing scars, of reconnecting two or more peoples. This, for example, is part of the raison d'être of the Taizé European meetings. They began in 1978 as the "Pilgrimage of Trust on Earth". This event brought together some 15,000 young people at meetings in Basel in 2017 and Madrid in 2018. It creates lasting links between young Europeans around the faith.

Yousoon makes it easy to put people in touch with each other

So, you too are interested in a European encounter? It's the perfect way to discover a different people, culture and language, while at the same time sharing similar roots. If so, it's very simple. Carefully fill in your registration form on Yousoon. Tell us about your passions, what you like in life... All this will enable the dating application to suggest the right European profile for you. You can also mention the social status and body type of the European user you'd like to meet. Yousoon will find the perfect match for you. And don't worry about chatting with malicious users. To protect you from this, Yousoon verifies profiles. You can chat on the European dating site with complete peace of mind! Yousoon also guarantees data confidentiality. This is particularly important at a time of increasing piracy of sensitive information.

First appointment

Geolocation for easy European meetings

Now that you've exchanged enough information on the site, you may want to take the plunge. Now it's time to see the person you're talking to in real life. To ensure that your first date goes as smoothly as possible, Yousoon offers a geolocation option. It allows you to meet halfway between your respective places of residence. This saves a lot of time. If you're looking for interesting places to meet up, Yousoon makes it easy to find them too. It suggests a series of places that might appeal to you. Restaurant, café, bar... the choice is wide! You can even choose to visit the surrounding area if you like! When you're on the dating app, you might be worried about being spotted by your close circle of friends, for example. Fortunately, Yousoon lets you remove certain places from your geolocation. This way, you can visit the site with peace of mind. Yousoon makes sure that every user can keep his or her own little secret garden! So, you're looking for a European date? Don't hesitate to visit the site and discover a relationship that's sure to make sparks fly!