Catholic dating happens on Yousoon. The dating site makes it easy to find a serious match. More and more Catholic couples are talking about how happy they are to have been matched on a dating site. In some cases, they have even married and started a family some time after registering. Catholic dating sites bring together Christian singles looking for lasting relationships. This type of site enables them to find their significant other or make friends for the long term. At a time when almost half of French people claim to be Catholics, but only a tiny percentage claim to be churchgoers, it may be necessary to choose new means of communication to find your better half.

The Internet can help bring Catholics together

So why not you? No more waiting for the ideal man or woman to fall from the sky; now it's time to use new technologies to make the perfect match!

Yousoon is a Catholic dating site. The dating site is serious. All profiles are verified. Information exchanged will not be lost or fall into the wrong hands. Yousoon guarantees data confidentiality. That's why it might be worth trying your luck on this application. How do you go about making a Catholic match on the app? It's simple: when you sign up, tell us everything about what drives you and what you're committed to. This information will enable Yousoon to create a profile of users who have something in common with you. You can also choose the person you'd like to meet based on their social status, for example.


Yousoon makes Catholic dating easier with geolocation

After chatting on the site, have you found someone of the Catholic faith with whom you'd like to go further? Yousoon makes it easy. The site allows you to meet halfway between the places you've been dating, thanks to a geolocation option. Wondering what you'll be able to do there? To answer that question, Yousoon also suggests suitable places for a first meeting. Cinema, restaurant, bar, theater... you're spoilt for choice. You can even choose to visit the surrounding area if you feel like it! Would you also like to be able to navigate in peace on the app? Here again, Yousoon's user geolocation function can be temporarily deactivated, allowing you to remain invisible. Now you can meet people in complete privacy. Yousoon makes sure you have your own secret garden!

Connecting people for the joy of living together

So, do you want to find your soulmate on the site? If so, you should know that it can create sparks. Catholic dating is a great way to get away from empty, meaningless relationships. Catholic dating aims to build a caring, tolerant relationship. As Saint Paul explains in one of his letters: "In sum, three things remain: faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is love" (1 Corinthians 13-13).