Compliments women
Compliments women

Complimenting a woman is one of the best ways of letting her know that you're interested in her and that you're seduced. You don't have to shower her with compliments every second, but well-chosen words can have the same effect as a nice gift. Here's a sample of compliments you can give a woman to please her.

Compliment a woman on her beauty, focusing on a detail that appeals to you

Commenting on a woman's looks, even to compliment her, can quickly have the opposite effect. She'll run away rather than be touched. It's far too general and easy to tell her she's beautiful. Not to mention the fact that she may think you're only interested in her for her looks.

Like everyone else, a woman can still appreciate being complimented on her looks, but you have to be careful to target a detail and get the phrase out at just the right moment. Are you talking about vision problems or glasses? Take the opportunity to tell her you think her eye color is pretty. Talking about his piano playing or another instrument? Tell her you've noticed she has elegant, musician's hands. Always remember to contextualize the compliment and make sure it doesn't come out of nowhere. Especially on first dates.

And if you're not comfortable talking about a physical detail, you can also mention her style of dress. Complimenting a woman on her taste for beautiful materials, shoes or certain colors is sure to turn her on.

Complimenting a woman's personality

Always taking care to contextualize, compliments to a woman about her personality are an excellent way of optimizing your chances of seducing her. While you're in the midst of a discussion about what drives your daily lives, don't hesitate to remark on a trait of her character that you particularly appreciate.

It could be his sense of humor, his good humor, the finesse of his analysis, or his drive to get things done.

Of course, this kind of compliment to a woman can't be given on a first date. You have to wait a while to get to know someone's personality. But by the 3rd or 4th date, you can easily afford to tell her that you've noticed something about her personality that moves you and that you appreciate.

And why not be original when complimenting a woman?

It's the fear of every man trying to seduce a woman... giving compliments that are too "standard" and cruelly lacking in charm. The most common: "You're beautiful".

On the other hand, you can be original and compliment a woman with references to music, film or literature. There are countless song lyrics, poem excerpts and movie lines that can be used to say sweet nothings to the person who makes your heart beat.

The advantage is that you can be just as romantic, by thinking of poems, as you can be humorous, by referring to a well-known film for example! Use your memory.

Here you have a few examples of what you can use to compliment a woman you're attracted to. If you're careful not to come across as a smooth talker, you should optimize your chances of seducing her.