Get-to-know-you question
Get-to-know-you question

It's the day of the first date with someone you've been talking to for some time. A game of questions is going to take place, not only to start the conversation, but also to show that you're interested in each other. There's no shortage of questions, but some of them can be awkward or even inappropriate. So rather than jeopardize your chances of getting to know each other, here are 8 questions to ask to get to know each other in the right spirit.

1- How are you?

Classic, yes, but it helps to lighten the mood a little before talking about more confidential matters. We sometimes tend to forget this basic question when we first meet, but it's essential. The answer can be a simple "How are you doing?", but it can also be an opportunity to follow up with a situation you've experienced in the moment, or a funny anecdote.

2- Have you lived here long?

A question you can ask a woman to find out if she's always lived here, or if she's moved to other cities, or even other parts of the world. There are always a thousand and one things to say about where we live.

3- Do you like living here?

A good question to ask to find out how the person feels about their place of residence. They can talk about the overall atmosphere of the city, or talk about the places they love to go to: bars, restaurants, museums, and so on.

4- What are your hobbies?

To get to know someone better, an interesting question to ask is about their hobbies. In other words, what the person likes to do in their spare time. She might talk about practicing an art, a musical instrument or a sport. Or perhaps they simply enjoy walking in nature or spending time with friends.

In any case, it's a quick way to see if you share common passions and hobbies.

5- What do you do for a living?

As the discussion progresses, and if a gap arises, you can follow up with a question about work. "What do you do for a living?" is less incisive than "What's your job?", in case the person is in a situation of professional inactivity. In any case, there's always plenty to say about your job or a professional project you'd like to pursue.

6- What's your favourite film/book?

It's an odd question to ask out of the blue. But if you're talking cinema or literature, don't hesitate to ask about the favorite work of the person in front of you!

7- Do you have any brothers or sisters?

By asking someone if they have siblings, they can tell you about their relationship with their family and their childhood. This is often a good way to go back in time and learn more about their past.

8- What do you look for in someone?

Rather than asking a woman directly what type of man she's looking for, why not ask her what she's looking for in someone? She'll then be able to present the qualities she expects, such as attentiveness, a sense of humor, independence, fidelity and so on.

Here, too, you can see if you have common expectations and if your personalities match.