An innovative approach based on shared interests

In an increasingly connected world, online dating has become a social norm. Dating apps have radically changed the way people interact and find potential partners. Since the advent of Tinder, many other platforms have emerged, each seeking to offer a unique experience and meet the specific needs of users. Among these new applications, Yousoon stands out by offering an innovative approach to online dating, focusing on shared interests. In this article, we'll explore the evolution of dating apps, from Tinder to Yousoon, focusing on the distinctive features of this new platform.

The age of Tinder

Tinder revolutionized the dating industry by introducing the concept of "swiping". Users can scroll through other users' profiles by swiping right (to show interest) or left (to reject). This intuitive, appearance-based approach quickly gained popularity, attracting millions of users worldwide. However, this apparent simplicity has also been criticized for encouraging superficial encounters based solely on appearance.

The emergence of new platforms

Faced with Tinder's limitations, new dating apps have begun to emerge, offering more advanced and targeted features. Some platforms have focused on common interests, such as Hinge, which emphasizes affinities rather than appearances. Other apps introduced in-depth personality tests to help find compatible matches, such as OkCupid.

Yousoon: an innovative approach based on shared interests

Yousoon sets itself apart from other dating apps by emphasizing shared interests as the cornerstone of its philosophy. The application allows users to specify their passions, hobbies and interests on their profile. Using this information, Yousoon suggests matches based on shared interests, making it easy to connect people with common affinities.

Yousoon features

In addition to highlighting shared interests, Yousoon also offers features to encourage real-life encounters. The app allows users to create events based on their interests and invite other users to participate. This encourages genuine encounters and enables users to share meaningful experiences based on their common passions.


Yousoon represents a new generation of dating apps focused on shared interests. While Tinder popularized the appearance-based swiping model, Yousoon offers a more personalized and authentic approach with a focus on shared affinities. By connecting people with shared interests, Yousoon facilitates the creation of meaningful connections and encourages real encounters. As the dating app industry continues to evolve, platforms like Yousoon open up new perspectives for users seeking relationships based on shared interests and genuine connection.