An undemonstrative man: how can you tell if he's in love?

You made a beautiful online dating and you start spending time with your new partner. But he's not very demonstrative, and you're beginning to have serious doubts about the reciprocity of his feelings. In reality, this may just be a character trait. The following signs are proof that a man can be in love without showering you with kisses and hugs and saying "I love you" all the time.

The man in love is present and attentive

When a woman starts dating a man and experiencing what closely resembles the beginnings of a relationship, she may be inclined to analyze his behavior to ensure that feelings are reciprocated. Even so, it's a fact that some men are not very demonstrative. So how can you be sure?

First of all, you should know that a man in love is always present and attentive to your every wish. He makes sure your time together is regular, and pays attention to doing things you enjoy. He doesn't hesitate to ask you about the outings and activities you like to do. After just a few days, he's the one who comes up with proposals for you to spend time with him. "A restaurant tonight?", "A movie?", "Dinner and a movie at home?", are all phrases that show he wants to spend time with you.

He means what he says

To recognize a man in love who's not very demonstrative, ask yourself the following question: is he reliable? Just because he's not tactile doesn't mean he doesn't have genuine feelings for you.

A man in love always keeps his word. Did he promise a weekend at the seaside or to introduce you to his friends? He'll make it happen. It's important to him not to disappoint you.

There are physical signs that can't be mistaken!

A caress, a kiss, legs brushing against each other - we often tend to think that only emotional signs are proof that a man is in love. But in reality, other physical signs can indicate that a man has feelings. For example, when you talk to him, he'll listen carefully to what you say and look you straight in the eye.

His gaze is important. Staring at you for long seconds during discussions shows that he likes to listen and watch you.

He introduces you to his world

A man who's in love and not very demonstrative is like a man who's very affectionate and tactile. He wants you to be part of his life and is quick to introduce you to the people he cares about.

Don't be afraid of the fact that there was no physical contact during your last time together. If he invites you to meet his friends or family in the next few days, it's all good - he's in love!

He has plans

How do you recognize a man who's not very demonstrative? By the plans he has with you! When he starts talking about a future trip abroad or going to a friend's wedding with you next summer, there's no doubt he's under your spell. He may not be very demonstrative, and that's certainly in his nature, but he's in love!