In a somewhat anxious climate where human contact is still limited, it's not always easy for singles to meet new people. Fortunately, there are a number of dating sites that enable you to get in touch with strangers and, who knows, pursue a virtual or real encounter. Over the years, many platforms have emerged, and some seem to have more relevant concepts than others. So which are the best dating sites? What's special about them? And by the way, what's the best dating site? We'll tell you all about it!

What is a dating site?

A dating site is an online platform that can also be found via an application, enabling individuals to get in touch and communicate. A real virtual relationship can then be created between these individuals. These relationships can be of a friendly, romantic or even erotic nature. More than just a virtual relationship, it can sometimes turn into a real one, more or less quickly. The two people then decide to meet in a place like a bar, a restaurant or for a more original activity to confirm the first impression they had of each other.

What is the best dating site?

With all the dating sites out there, it's hard to register with all of them and manage exchanges across several different platforms. So it's best to find the best dating site for you, so you can focus on a single platform that will meet your search expectations. Indeed, one person's best dating site won't necessarily be the same as another's, since it all depends above all on their criteria. The best dating site for you therefore needs to offer an original, clearly defined concept, ensuring that the platform will meet your expectations. Singles who want to find love, for example, will consider the best dating site to be one that enables them to do everything in their power to make this a reality. It's not just the concept, but also the functionalities of the platform that need to be thought through with this in mind, to enable its members to find what they're looking for. So, when it comes to finding the best dating site for you, it's advisable first and foremost to know your needs. Are you looking for a serious relationship? Or a more ephemeral relationship? Or simply to meet like-minded people? Once you've defined your preferences, it's time to start looking for the best dating site.

Find the best dating site

As mentioned above, opinions can differ as to which is the best dating site of the moment. That said, some platforms offer very interesting and well-thought-out concepts, enabling them to stand out from the crowd and be considered the best dating site of the moment. To help you decide, we've put together a selection of the best dating sites in our opinion.


Yousoon dating app has chosen to put people in touch with each other by areas of interest. Considered the best dating site by those who want to share common interests, the platform asks new members to fill in a number of details to enable profiles with similarities to find each other easily. Only profiles that match your own are proposed, which saves precious time in your search. What's more, Yousoon has thought of several other valuable details, such as the fact that you don't always want certain people to see that you're on a dating site. The platform offers you the option of excluding certain geographical areas and becoming invisible in certain sectors - discretion guaranteed! The application also accompanies IRL encounters by suggesting fun and original meeting places to make them special and successful. Yousoon is truly the best dating site for those who don't want to multiply the number of matches, but rather meet someone with whom they have something in common.


Tinder has become an industry classic, and in particular the one that democratized the swipe concept. Indeed, this dating application works on a simple principle:

  • Swipe right if you like the person
  • Swipe left if you don't like it

A member who swipes right on a profile that swipes right on him/herself will get a match. In other words, the two profiles like each other and can therefore make contact. In this way, only members who are receptive to each other can get in touch, which means you can only make contact with people who have liked your profile. While the concept is well thought-out, it can sometimes be distorted by people swiping right on all profiles to ensure matches. The site considered to be the best dating site for many years therefore has the defects of its qualities. A factor to take into account if you want to get started.


Grindr is a dating app based on the same principle as Tinder, i.e. a swipe system. The difference is that it's aimed at gays, bisexuals and queers. Using a search filter, you can find the person you're looking for in just a few clicks and start chatting - provided there's a match, of course!


Unlike other dating sites, which are also accessible to those who are just looking for a fling, eDarling offers the chance to find love with a capital A. Here, users are promised quality encounters. According to the site, a new couple is formed every 18 minutes on eDarling. Based on a personality test, this site puts together profiles that really match and have a real opportunity to create a solid, lasting relationship. This is certainly the best dating site for those who want to find love.


Meetic is one of the great classics in online dating. For over 20 years, it has been the benchmark for online dating. As with eDarling, the idea is to create a beautiful story through a serious relationship. Meetic members are therefore mostly singles with very concrete expectations. Each user can therefore access a detailed profile to start a conversation if he or she so wishes. Meetic has also developed a virtual coaching service for those wishing to improve their profile and make a success of their dates. A video tête-à-tête option is also available. Finally, Meetic evenings are organized throughout France to bring together singles IRL.


When it comes to dating, Bumble wants to defy gender norms and allow women to make the first move and control the conversation. The Tinder match principle is applied here too. The difference is that only the woman can make contact with her match, and she has 24 hours in which to do so. Once the 24 hours have expired, the match disappears (although there are ways of extending or reactivating a match). This site is considered the best dating site by many, and has developed other concepts with Bumble BFF for friendly encounters and Bumble Bizz for professional encounters.

Disons Demain

If young people have their favorite dating apps, the best dating site for seniors is certainly Disons Demain. This dating site specializes in meeting members over the age of 50. Long-term singles, the separated, divorced or widowed, for example, will be able to find someone to build a new relationship with, even after the age of 50! The platform is designed with this audience in mind, with detailed profiles to learn more about members, as well as access to a video chat tool, for example. What's more, Disons Demain shares a number of similarities with Meetic, since meetings are also organized with the Sorties Disons Demain. These are evenings, dinners, activities or even weekends designed to bring together singles aged 50 and over who want to meet new people in a relaxed setting.


Fruitz is the sector's new kid on the block, aiming to make its mark with a fun and original concept. Considered the best dating site by many young people, Fruitz has taken a risky gamble with its concept. The idea here is that each member can choose a fruit to feature on their profile. The fruit chosen is in fact a message to let other users know what they're looking for. There's the cherry emoji "for finding your better half", the grape emoji "for a glass of wine without getting caught", the watermelon emoji "for recurring cuddles without seeds" or the peach emoji "for a desire to fish with you". As the choice of emoji is not definitive, everyone can choose the one that best suits their mood. This way, misunderstandings are avoided and you can immediately turn to profiles with the same expectations as you.

Elite Rencontre

Elite Rencontre is a site aimed at people from high socio-professional backgrounds who want to meet people from the same background. We therefore mainly find people with a high level of education who are looking for a serious love encounter. Apart from this specificity, Elite Rencontre also uses a personality test to find the profiles that are most compatible with your own.


Finally, to take the opposite approach to existing applications and the multitude of profiles available to members, Once proposes only one possible encounter per day. In fact, every day at noon, users will receive a profile suggestion that matches their criteria. They can then accept or reject the profile, and if there's a match, an exchange can begin. This is an opportunity to think carefully before swiping, and to pay more attention to other members' profiles.