Yousoon, the complete and personalized dating app!

  • Tired of never finding someone you really care about?
  • Do you feel like you’re wasting your time and money on dating?
  • Are you sure of your choices and your tastes and want to get straight to the point for your future meetings?

Yousoon is the first dating app that allows you to finally find the person who matches your criteria.



With Yousoon, there is finally something for everyone! Chat with those who share your interests or passions. Choose the type of relationship you are looking for: love, friendship or adventure, so no bad surprises! The selection of profiles is based on personalized criteria (physical and social) that you enter in order to find exactly what you are looking for. We allow you to access targeted and verified profiles, while respecting your confidentiality.

Fewer likes, great encounters!

Be specific about what you are looking for and you will make relevant matches! Yousoon will only offer matchmaking to those whose profile matches. No unsolicited message, no uninteresting profile, it's up to you.

Match, get out!

Did you match? It's time to meet.
Thanks to Yousoon, take advantage of the ideas for outings that will be offered to you.


The first app that takes your interests into account.


In just a few clicks find the person you have been waiting for for a long time.


In just a few clicks find the person you have been waiting for for a long time.


The first months of use are free. Then subscribe to subscriptions per week or per month, without any commitment!

Have you found your rare gem?
Yousoon gives you original ideas for your 1st date!

How it works?

  • Sign up

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  • Personalize your profile

Take a few minutes to meticulously fill out your profile, be careful the 1st impression is crucial. With a carefully completed profile, you will arouse the interest of compatible members!

  • Tell us about your preferences

Are you more of a motorbike or boat, classical or rock music, artist or literary?

Yousoon selects very precise profiles to best meet your wishes and requirements!

  • Find your happiness!

Has a proposed profile caught your attention? Get in touch and get to know each other! And Yousoon can advise you on the ideal place for your next date.



Are you about to transition from a virtual relationship to real life? For your first date to be memorable, it is therefore important to find THE ideal place. Thanks to the application's geolocation, Yousoon offers you unique meeting places halfway between your usual crossing points and those of the person with whom you are interacting. Choose the place that suits you from the Yousoon selection: cafes, bars, restaurants, exhibitions, visits, walks ... And take the opportunity to better discover the surroundings!

Don't want your coworkers to know you're looking for love? You can choose at any time to exclude certain areas from the geolocation of the application. So if you are at work or at your sports club, no one will know. At Yousoon, we want to preserve your privacy at all costs and let you keep your little secret garden!

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