Dating in French Polynesia takes place on Yousoon. Take advantage of our simplified matchmaking service to find your soul mate or make a friendly acquaintance. The images that come to us from French Polynesia are often angelic. We see beaches of fine sand, magnificent trees, incredible fruit, exotic and multicoloured flowers... This territory also brings to mind the famous dance of the vahinés, or Polynesian tattoos, supposed to express "what is deepest in man".

Discover a people from the Pacific

French Polynesia is all this and much more. The country is made up of five archipelagos and 118 islands in the Pacific Ocean. It is home to around 250,000 people. The Polynesians, in the image we have of them, have coppery skin and very black, straight, wavy hair. They are often relatively tall and have fine features. Beyond the tourist clichés, Polynesians are known for living intensely in the moment. They love to party and dance. They are not particularly concerned about the future and do not dwell on the past. They love to laugh and share stories. They also like to laugh tenderly at minor faults. Good-natured and charitable, they are also peaceful. Respect is of paramount importance to them. Men are very courteous towards strangers and can also be a little reserved. Women, on the other hand, cultivate respect, but are more communicative.

Geolocation makes it easy to meet people in French Polynesia

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