Yousoon is waiting for you to meet a woman full of promise. On the site, there's no useless blah-blah and it's easy to get in touch based on your interests. At the start of the pandemic, the number of users of women's dating sites was booming. Bars, restaurants and other 'traditional' meeting places were all more or less closed. Dating sites, already on an upward slope in terms of user numbers, expanded even further. So why are these sites so successful? There are a number of other reasons why digital dating is the new playground for lovers. A single man's timetable can be overloaded, he may be shy, or he may be afraid of disappointing people... With a dating site, there's no need to scour exhibition halls or go to concerts to make contact with a woman. Nor is there any need to talk unless you want to. There's also no obligation to see a particular person. The dating site allows you to get closer to a single woman in just a few clicks.

Put the odds in your favour for a great date

The Yousoon dating app offers you the chance to meet a woman with complete peace of mind. How do you go about it? First, learn how to make your profile more attractive by visiting the site. When you register, make sure you look your best by filling in the form correctly. Remember that first impressions can be very important for some women. So don't hesitate to say what you want, what you don't want... Be honest and true. Don't hesitate to add a little humour. This can help your profile stand out. And don't forget to remain courteous in all circumstances. This work enables Yousoon to offer you a profile of a single woman that is likely to appeal to you. The application is in fact the first to bring users together based on their interests. In this way, Yousoon hopes to create serious encounters. You can also specify the body type and social status you are looking for. Yousoon will then be able to find the rare gem that will put stars in your eyes. And don't worry about talking to men hiding behind a fake female profile when you're on Yousoon. On the dating app, profiles are verified. So don't be alarmed by the idea that your information will be used fraudulently. Yousoon guarantees data confidentiality.

A place and ideas for your first date

Now that you've spoken to a profile that particularly appeals to you, perhaps you'd like to take the plunge? In other words, meet the person with whom you have a particularly good "feeling"? To make your first date a success, and why not a first step towards new encounters in the real world, Yousoon makes life easier. Thanks to a geolocation option, the site suggests a location halfway between the places you frequent. This removes one of the potential obstacles to a great encounter! Running out of ideas for a night out? Yousoon also presents a series of perfectly suitable venues. Concert halls, exhibition halls, cinemas, restaurants... If you feel like it, you can even pay a visit to the surrounding area. And perhaps, for example, take a stroll along the quays, if there are any to be had? Worried about being spotted on the app? You may be seen when you visit a dating app. To browse in complete discretion, an option on Yousoon lets you exclude certain areas from your geolocation. You no longer have to worry about your close circle of friends seeing you on the women's dating site. Yousoon wants everyone to have their own little secret garden! Do you want to be put in touch easily with a single woman? Would you like to meet her based on your interests? If so, you know what you have to do! See you soon on Yousoon!