When you love photography, you like to take the time to get lost in little streets you don't know, to wander through forests and small paths that you stumble across by chance, to stop at the slightest detail that you think is beautiful or interesting enough to be immortalised in your photos. Thanks to Yousoon and the photographer dating filter, you can quickly find someone who understands you and who also shares your passion for photo shoots. It's a great way to make sure you always have something to talk about and to share good times together!

Maximise your chances of finding someone with a passion for photography

Dating websites and apps are attracting more and more members these days, and the reason is simple: they're the ideal way to meet new people when you think you've done the rounds of your circle of friends or your professional environment. However, traditional sites and applications often mean a lot of wasted time and disappointment, as they don't allow you to target the people you want to meet. At Yousoon, we want to enable our members to meet a photographer, a travel enthusiast or someone who belongs to the same spiritual community as them, by setting up filters like the one entitled meet photographer. Easy to set up, these filters ensure that our algorithm only shows you profiles that correspond exactly to what you are looking for, whatever your criteria. So you can share your passion for photo shoots and portrait sessions, whether professionally or as an amateur. Meeting a passionate photographer has never been easier!

An app to help you get things done

While it's very easy to find someone who's right for you thanks to the filters and options offered by Yousoon, it can be more complicated to dare to make the first move and even take the step of meeting someone for real. To make things easier for you and help you create great stories from a simple conversation about your favourite subject, we've decided to provide you with a list of places located halfway between your location and that of the member you want to meet. These places are particularly suitable for a first date and will ensure that your evening is interesting, enjoyable and intimate enough for you to feel completely at ease and in your element. You'll find restaurants and bars, as well as museums, exhibition halls, concert halls and theatres, so you can vary the pleasures and find something that suits you and the person you've met through our photographer dating filter. It's a great way to spend an evening talking about photography and discovering new things together! You've got it: meeting a photographer who's as passionate about photography as you are is quick, easy and simple thanks to the Yousoon app! All you have to do is download the app onto your smartphone for free and fill in your profile so you can use all our filters to easily find someone to share a good time with, whether it leads to a beautiful friendship or a passionate love story!