Perhaps you've had enough of going to LGBT parties and events? Have you already been to a number of gay-friendly venues without any convincing results? Not keen on the idea of going on a float to get noticed at the next LGBT pride event? Dare to meet gay people on Yousoon! Although gay dating has become easier in France over the last ten years, Yousoon knows that it's not always easy to make the first move. Shyness and a lack of self-confidence, for example, can be barriers to meeting someone new. That's why the Yousoon dating app makes it easy for people of similar sexual orientations to meet. Whether you're part of the LGBT community or simply attracted to people of the same sex, take advantage of online dating on the app. take advantage of online dating on the platform. On Yousoon, gay dating is just a few clicks away, with no headaches and complete peace of mind.

Gay dating in just a few clicks on Yousoon

How do I meet a gay person? It's easy, just go to Yousoon. Register and carefully fill in your details. Don't be afraid to be specific, as this will help us to present you with the best profiles. Yousoon makes it easy to meet gay people, and doesn't stop at physical appearance. Why is that? Because it's often easier to converse with someone who has the same interests and/or passions. As it's not always easy to find the right gay person to meet, whether it's someone who's going to make you a friend or someone who's going to last well into the wee hours of the morning, you can choose the type of meeting you want: friendship or love. Once you've done this, there are no nasty surprises! Yousoon makes it a point of honour to ensure that your relationship is clear from the outset, to make it easier to create that little spark that will make your time together unforgettable. You also don't have to worry about only meeting virtual people on Yousoon. The dating app hunts down fake profiles! And that's not all: Yousoon guarantees your confidentiality. Your details are carefully protected.

Geolocation options for a successful meeting

Worried about being caught out by prying eyes when you go on a gay dating app? No problem with Yousoon! There's an option to make yourself invisible in certain places. You can now visit the app in peace, without fear of being spotted by a colleague at work or a gym-goer. Yousoon ensures that everyone has their own private space. So you've finally found the gay date that's right for you, the one that's already thrilling you, the one that seems really worthwhile? Yousoon takes care of (almost) everything to make your life easier! Thanks to an intelligent geolocation system, you no longer need to worry about finding a place to meet your soulmate. The app suggests appointments halfway between you and your match, so you can meet in the best possible conditions. You're spoilt for choice: bars, restaurants, concert halls... The place of your dreams for an ideal date may be right in the middle of all these suggestions! So you're interested in gay dating? If you're looking for practical, real-life encounters between users, the app is the place to be! See you soon on Yousoon!