You've been single for several years now and you want to find someone with the same interests as you. This kind of man or woman is not necessarily easy to find. However, to give yourself the best possible chance, it's important to choose a serious and competent platform.

The Yousoon platform for dating in Bordeaux

With the current pandemic, it's more and more complicated to go out and meet new people. Friends are meeting up in smaller circles. Places like bars and restaurants are less popular. All this doesn't really help people to meet new people in Bordeaux. So it's worth looking for alternative solutions to find singles with interesting profiles near you. This is the case with the Yousoon application.

Criteria to be met on your Yousoon profile

You're particularly sporty and passionate about outdoor sports. As soon as the winter season starts, you head off to the mountains in the south-west of France to go skiing. For you, it's essential that the person who shares your life also enjoys these activities, or at least the outdoor life. These details are important and essential when selecting singles profiles. To optimise your chances, Yousoon offers you precise criteria when you create your ad. This allows the application to pre-select profiles that match your descriptions perfectly. So if you're looking for sporty people to meet in Bordeaux, the app won't put you in touch with homebody profiles, for example. So it's up to you to optimise your profile when you fill it in. Don't forget to be authentic in your description. If you have a sense of humour, add it, and don't hesitate to slip in a few puns that you could use out loud on your first date. These details can make all the difference when a single interested in your ad reads your profile.

Choosing a meeting place in Bordeaux: how do you go about it?

You've been chatting to a single person on the Yousoon app for several days and now you want to move on to the next stage: a face-to-face meeting. This makes all the difference when it comes to dating. It's where you find out if your hopes can be fulfilled and if the feeling is still there. The place where you meet for this first date is important. It creates a special atmosphere and memories. If you're in the mood for a friendly, festive atmosphere, it's a good idea to choose the bar. You can enjoy an informal drink without sitting at a table as you would in a restaurant. Or you may just want to get together in a quieter atmosphere. In that case, a park in fine weather can be a pleasant place. It allows you to chat while strolling outside. Obviously, it's advisable to choose a space for your meeting in Bordeaux where you feel comfortable. If you're not into going to dance bars, don't hesitate to say so to your partner so that he or she can choose another venue, but also so that he or she can better understand your personality. These elements give valuable indications of a person's character. So, take the time to ask yourself a few questions in order to fill in your ad correctly and accurately for effective and useful dating in Bordeaux using the Yousoon application.