Women attracted to men: what body language do they use? 

It's not always easy to decipher the gestures ofa woman attracted to a man. However, her behaviour during a date may indicate that she's really been seduced and would like to take things further! Here are the keys to helping you work out quite quickly whether a woman is really under your spell.

Appearance: a key indicator

Before looking in detail at the various gestures of a woman attracted to a man, let's start by talking about her appearance. A woman who has been invited by a man to have a drink, dinner, go to the cinema or the theatre, will always take care of her appearance. She'll want to look her best to show off all her assets and, of course, seduce you. To do this, she'll choose her best outfit, style her hair meticulously, wear jewellery and perfume herself.

Taking note of all these details? She's spent some time getting ready for the date, and that's a good sign.

A woman attracted to a man holds his gaze

One of the most obvious gestures a woman can make when attracted to a man is to hold your gaze. During a conversation, she will tend not to take her eyes off you. This not only shows that she's interested in what you're saying, but also that she's enjoying looking at you.

Conversely, a woman who is looking away or at her mobile phone is likely to want the date to end quickly.

She touches her hair

A woman's behaviour towards her hair is another good indicator that she is being seduced. When her hair is loose, she will often run her hand through it to replace it. Not only is this a sign that she wants to keep her hair looking good, it's also a sign that she's troubled.

It can also show a little nervousness. Normal, who isn't nervous when you're attracted to someone but don't yet know if it's mutual?

It takes part in the mirroring process

Have you ever heard of the mirror effect? Quite simply, it's the act of imitating the gestures of the person opposite you during an exchange. It could be a burst of laughter or a change of position on the chair.

When a woman consciously or unconsciously imitates a man, it's another good indicator that she's attracted. This is the result of a study carried out on animals! And it applies to human beings too.

She blushes

One of the indicators that a woman is attracted to a man is that she blushes. When she is seduced, and these are uncontrollable physiological reactions, she will tend to blush around her face or above her ears. This shows that she is disturbed by your presence.

This is even more obvious with shy people.

She doesn't put any physical distance between you and her

A woman who doesn't want any physical contact, and therefore wants to make it clear that she doesn't want to go any further, will prefer to keep a certain distance between herself and a man.

On the contrary, when she is attracted, she will try to get as close to you as possible. The gestures of a woman who is attracted to a man and wants to get physically close to him include her hands on the table, wanting to touch yours. It could also be feet moving towards your feet.

She may also say that she wants to change places for one reason or another, so that she can be as close to you as possible.

All these gestures need to be watched very closely when you're out on a date, but also when you're out with other people.