It's the hard law of seduction between two people, but exchanges can sometimes become less frequent, or even stop. This can happen after a first meeting in a café or during an exchange on a dating app, for example. So you're determined to find out why and get back to talking to your crush? Here are a few tips.


Analyse what caused the exchange to run out of steam

Are you losing touch with your crush less frequently, or even running out of steam altogether? Then you're likely to send several text messages in the hope of getting a reply. And that's not necessarily the right thing to do. Instead of rushing into things, take a few moments to understand what's happened.

After a first meeting, you may have lost a little of their interest. Try to rethink your exchange and the signs the person may have shown. On the internet, the person may not have the time to send regular messages, or you may have done something that caused them to distance themselves from you. Here too, take the time to go back and re-read the exchanges. You may find some answers there.

Whatever the case, and whatever the situation, don't bombard them with messages at the risk of appearing insistent. This is the time to rack your brains a little to get the conversation going again and perhaps pique the interest of the person you're trying to seduce.


How do you restart a conversation by text message or network message?

It's never easy to deal with silence when you're attracted to someone. Fortunately, our smartphones give us the opportunity to easily get back in touch with the person and perhaps rekindle the conversation. The important thing is to find the right topics for conversation.

First of all, don't hesitate to let a few days pass before sending your message to reopen the discussion. This will show that you're not lying in wait and that you're busy too.

After 5 or 6 days, you'll be able to send your text message, asking an open-ended question such as "How are you doing today? Once you have answered a question, you should normally receive a message in return.

The question can also be about a subject you've already discussed, such as "Did you manage to see the film we talked about? or "How did your job interview go? As well as eliciting a response, these questions show that you are interested in the person concerned. It's also an excellent way of avoiding banalities, which can quickly get out of hand.

After that, the conclusion should be clear: either you don't receive a reply, which means that your crush is unfortunately not interested; or she replies without elaborating, which may mean that she's polite but doesn't particularly want to pursue the matter; or she's honest, and tells you clearly that she's not interested.

We're talking here about the most pessimistic versions, because of course your crush may have gone radio silent because he was very busy or had an urgent situation. In this case, your message may well get the ball rolling again and lead to a resumption of communication.