How to start a message conversation
How to start a message conversation

Tips for a successful first date online

You've decided to start online dating, but you're not quite sure how to go about it so that your first date is a success? Don't panic, we're here to help!

Here are a few tips to help you make a success of your first online date:

  • Take the time to choose your profile photo carefully. It should represent you accurately and show you off to best advantage. Avoid photos taken in haste or in which you are not smiling.
  • Be honest in your description. There's no point lying about your age, height or hobbies. You risk being caught out on the date and ruining your chances of making a good impression.
  • Be original in your messages. Avoid ready-made phrases or banal questions. Take the time to read the description of the person you're chatting to and find topics of conversation based on your affinities.
  • Choose a meeting place that puts you at ease. Avoid places that are too noisy or crowded. Instead, opt for a café or restaurant where you can talk easily.
  • Prepare yourself in advance. Think of a few interesting topics of conversation and remember to dress appropriately. Avoid outfits that are too casual or too sexy.
  • Relax and be yourself. The aim of an online date is to get to know the person you've met online. So there's no reason to put any pressure on yourself. If you feel at ease, so will the person you're meeting.

By following these few tips, you can be sure of a successful first online date!