How to maintain a long-distance relationship
How to maintain a long-distance relationship

We tend to believe or hear that "long-distance love doesn't work", that "long-distance love is a fantasy", that "long-distance love is doomed to failure", among other completely mistaken myths. More and more couples are meeting long-distance and spending long periods apart. The key is to generate enough psychological and emotional closeness, which is why in this article we're going to give you some ideas for surprising your long-distance partner.


Using distance as an advantage

There are two types of distance: physical and psychological. There are couples whose partners live in the same house and sleep together, but who have distanced themselves psychologically and emotionally. They live like strangers, don't know each other and don't really talk to each other.

On the other hand, there are couples who, despite being a long way apart, share their most intimate secrets and constantly renew the spark that makes them fall in love. That's why to surprise your long-distance partner, you need to create moments of daily conversation:

  • keep the dialogue flowing;
  • be each other's confidant;
  • always be honest;
  • talk about difficult things and solve problems together;
  • have common goals and plans.


Maintaining an active relationship

Take advantage of the fact that distance can reduce shame and taboos, so that you can free yourself and discover new forms of connection. One of the foundations of any relationship is attraction. In this sense, there are people who only attract you at the beginning and others who never stop being attractive to you, which causes a kind of addiction!


Increase desire

Distance (when you maintain a good, constant connection with each other) means that desire increases and you look forward to a reunion. It's not easy because it takes a lot of work to get together when you live far away, but if you manage to have a strong bond despite the distance, it can have many positive points when it comes to the reunion. Overcoming this barrier can give the couple the feeling that they will be able to overcome any future problems.


Capitalise on the surprise effect

How do you celebrate something from a distance? Surprises delight you because they connect you with pleasant emotions. Take the time to surprise your partner. Never fail to try new things and add them to the dynamic of the relationship and try to make each moment unique.


Learning to communicate

You have to listen to the other person firmly and try to understand what they are trying to say. Listening is different from simply hearing. It has to do with understanding the message the other person is sending. That's why to generate real communication, you have to make an effort. A conversation is more than just talking or hearing, it's imperative to take the other person's opinion into account to generate a dialogue.


Thinking about laughing together

Increasing the number of times you laugh together makes the relationship grow and associates it with positive feelings and well-being. Encourage moments of relaxation. Making fun of yourself, of both of you, of the simple things in life, sharing moments, anecdotes or funny things and being partners in this way creates important bonds.


Activities for two

There are activities you can do from a distance that make you feel closer to your partner. Here are some activities you can do with your partner from a distance:

  • cooking ;
  • take a distance learning course ;
  • playing sport together ;
  • watch a film ;
  • start a series ;
  • make a video for Tiktok ;
  • play online games ;
  • dinner by video call.


Confiding secrets

Your partner should become your confidant, the person to whom you confide everything that happens during the day. That way, despite the distance, he or she will be the only one who knows your thoughts. This bond will bring you closer in the long term.