Often perceived as reliable, loyal, family-oriented and strong-willed, Russians arouse the interest of many Westerners, particularly men, many of whom fantasize about Russian women who are reputed to be particularly feminine. Whether you're from Russia yourself or you'd like to meet someone from this country, Yousoon can help you do just that with a targeted dating app. No more risky meetings and no more time wasted chatting with people who don't suit you: meeting a Russian person is simple, fast and seamless.

Meeting a Russian woman: how do you go about it?

Russian women are fascinating because of their pronounced femininity and their importance to family, commitment and marriage. For this reason, many sites have chosen to specialize exclusively in this type of dating. Nevertheless, it's rather reductive for a Russian woman to register on one of these sites, as they have the impression of being displayed in a catalog. For this reason, many of them prefer to use a classic dating app, open to all, such as Yousoon. To meet a Russian woman via our app, all you have to do is indicate in your preferences that you'd like to meet a woman of Scandinavian origin. Our algorithm will then prepare a selection of profiles of women who share your interests and match your search criteria, so you can meet a Russian woman in a perfectly natural way, and ensure you have the best chance of having a good time with this person. So how do you go about meeting a Russian woman on Yousoon? It's very simple: just download our free application onto your smartphone, fill in your profile by adding a photo, a short presentation of yourself and your interests, and launch a search using the suggested filters. A few seconds later, several profiles of Scandinavian women available in your search zone will appear, allowing you to discover them and start a conversation.

An intuitive app that guides you from A to Z

These days, a lot of dating is done online, via sites, apps, forums or social networks. However, the virtual aspect is still a barrier for some people who don't know how to make the first move, what to talk about, where to go for a first date, and so on. That's why at Yousoon, we've chosen to offer you innovative solutions designed to help you break the ice. The first is interest-based search. You want to meet a Russian woman because you love this culture, but that obviously doesn't mean you're going to hook up with just any Russian woman. That's why we ask you to select a number of areas of interest: they'll enable us to match you with women who like the same things as you. Not only does this promote chemistry between two people, but it's also a great way of ensuring that there's always something to talk about. Finally, we want to help you turn your encounter with a Russian woman into a beautiful story, whether it's one of love or friendship, and to do that, it's important to get past the dating stage. To make things easier for you, the Yousoon app will suggest interesting and welcoming public places in your area that are perfectly suited to a first meeting: a restaurant, a bar, a cinema, a theater, a museum, etc. No need to waste time looking for the right meeting place: we'll take care of it for you!