These days, a huge number of people meet on the Internet, whether it's to find love, to meet like-minded people or to exchange ideas on a variety of topics. In fact, we all know one or more couples who have met on dating sites. However, the problem with this kind of site is that there is little possibility of sorting through the members, so it's common to find yourself up against people who don't have the same vision of life as you, or who don't appreciate the same things. For this reason, at Yousoon, we've put the emphasis on meeting people by interest.

How does our app work?

As with most dating apps, the first step is to fill in your profile, adding photos of yourself, as well as information about your personality, hobbies, outlook on life and future plans, for example. This information is particularly important, and should be as sincere as possible, as it will enable other members of the application to find out more about you, and decide whether or not to start a conversation. We therefore advise you to be at 100% yourself and let interest-based dating do the rest! Once your profile is complete, you have two options: wait for other people to contact you, or take the lead by launching a profile search. Thanks to the various filters set up on our app, you can ensure that the algorithm only suggests profiles of people who are passionate about the same thing as you, whether it's art, cinema, motorcycles or video games, for example. This is the principle of interest-based dating: you're matched with members with whom you share common interests. Not only does interest-based dating maximize your chances of finding someone to share a good time with, it's also a good way of ensuring that you'll always have something to talk about at your fingertips!

Yousoon accompanies you right up to the physical encounter

While finding people to talk to via interest-based dating is easy and accessible to everyone, things can get complicated when it comes to the face-to-face meeting stage. We're afraid of not knowing what to say to each other, of choosing the wrong place and ending up on a date we don't feel comfortable with, and so on. To avoid this kind of situation, Yousoon will accompany you on your first date by providing you with a list of places suitable for a romantic encounter. These places, located halfway between your geographical location and that of the person you wish to meet, include chic or more simplistic restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters or concert halls, as well as museums or exhibitions. There's something for every taste, and for every occasion: romantic evening or relaxed afternoon! It's a simple way of getting through the real dating stage in the best possible conditions, and above all, without putting any pressure on yourself. What's more, thanks to interest-based dating, you know you'll always have at least one thing in common, so you'll always have something to talk about!

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