It's easy to meet senior citizens on Yousoon. So if you're looking for a good friendship or a serious encounter, come and take a look at the app! Love among the over-50s is more popular than ever. The proof: according to a recent survey, over 8 million singles in France are over 50.

While many of them had a particularly tough time of it, many were able to discover the possibilities offered by the Internet. Most have increased their online activity by improving their ability to communicate via this medium. According to another study, three quarters of senior citizens have also taken the time to engage in virtual encounters and video chats. This Internet craze has also taken place on dating sites. Silver surfers", or grey-haired Internet users, are becoming more and more numerous. They take advantage of their experience to try and find their soulmate. In the second half of their lives, dating can be a way out of loneliness. It's also certainly a way for them to share their finesse and romanticism with others. With their sometimes troubled history, senior citizens hope to find love in just a few clicks. But there's no question of them going to a dating site for superficial encounters. Thanks to their experience and sensitivity, they're looking for the person who will sweep them off their feet.

Seniors can develop their ability to choose the right partner

While many people aged 50 and over try the online datingwhy not you? Dating for seniors is a great way to share good times and interests, and sometimes even to find love. This age group has learned to get to know its body, to better manage its restlessness. They generally have a more established professional situation, and more peaceful relationships than in the past. Are you ready for a wonderful encounter with the 50-something age group? If so, we recommend you visit the Yousoon website. When you register, be precise about what drives you, what makes you tick... This information enables Yousoon to suggest profiles that match you. You can also mention the social status and body type of the person you'd like to meet. Yousoon puts you in touch with the senior citizen who's right for you. And rest assured: you're communicating with real people on the site. In fact, Yousoon verifies all profiles. And don't worry about your information being held by malicious parties. Yousoon guarantees data confidentiality.

Find yourself quickly with Yousoon

Would you like to find the person who caught your eye while chatting on Yousoon? The dating site makes it easy to find your first date. Thanks to a geolocation option, you can meet halfway between the places you frequent. So you don't have to spend hours trying to find the right place to meet. Yousoon goes even further. The dating app also introduces you to places to spend a convivial moment: restaurants, bars, cafés, exhibition halls... You can also choose to visit the surrounding area if you feel like it! Don't be afraid of being spotted when you're on the 50+ dating site. Yousoon offers a feature that lets you exclude certain areas from your geolocation. You can surf the site without being seen by your immediate neighbors or your friends at the gym, for example. Yousoon wants everyone to retain their privacy. Interested in meeting people aged 50 and over? Now that you know how, all you have to do is take the first step. It may be difficult, but you probably won't regret it. So don't hesitate to take a look around the site. See you soon on Yousoon!