Come and try the Yousoon male matchmaking service. And take advantage of the site to exchange ideas according to your interests! More and more people in France are single. According to figures from the reliable INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques), 10 million people are in this situation. Their proportion in the population has risen from 6 % in 1962 to 16 % in 2016. Why this increase? The desire for independence, emancipation and freedom partly explains it. In today's society, it's not necessarily a question of shining socially as a wife (for women) or as the head of a family (for men), but as an individual, the sole master of his or her own destiny. In this context, what are the steps to follow to make a serious encounter? First of all, before you get started, take the time to follow a few simple steps. Don't hesitate to do a little introspection. Take stock of your love affairs. Ask yourself what worked and what didn't. Ask yourself what your desires are. Ask yourself what you want and expect from a new relationship. These questions will help you see things more clearly. They'll help you avoid repeating certain patterns from the past, and bring out your full potential for a future relationship. Now that you're ready, you can meet a man more serenely. For example, you can have a drink on the terrace of a café with friends. Maybe a delicious stranger will come up to you. Alternatively, you could try going to a painting exhibition, hoping that a mysterious man will notice you and strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, these strategies don't always work. And sometimes they only lead to disappointment. Alternatively, to put more luck on your side, you can try online dating. More and more couples are forming this way. They're easy to use and easy to get in touch with. Some of them even allow you to meet people by interest. That's exactly what Yousoon offers. You can meet users on the site who might have that little spark that puts stars in your eyes. You can also find out more about a profile by looking at its details. For example, a well-completed, authentic profile can give you a clue to a person's sincerity. Likewise, since the virtual world has its limits, your encounter can give you an insight into what's behind the screen. You can also have real discussions, about shared interests for example...

Matchmaking based on interests

Want to give it a try? Well, it's easy: just go to the Yousoon website. Fill in your registration form. Tell us about yourself. Be humble and sincere. Take the opportunity to state what you want and what you don't want. This will enable Yousoon to put you in touch with the profile of the man who's right for you. Mention the social status and body type you're looking for, too, so that Yousoon can match you with an ideal user. When it comes to profile authenticity, you've got nothing to worry about. Yousoon verifies that users are real. The site also guarantees your privacy. So you don't have to worry about your information being exploited by malicious third parties.

Geolocation options so you can meet in total peace of mind

After chatting with a man whose profile interests you, you want to meet him for real? Thanks to a geolocation option, you can get your relationship off to a flying start! Yousoon gives you the chance to meet halfway between your respective places of residence. The men's dating site also offers a range of ideas for outings. You can opt for a restaurant, a cinema, a concert, an exhibition... You can also choose to visit the surrounding area! Worried about being spotted by prying eyes when you visit the dating app? There's no need to worry. An option on the site lets you remove certain locations from your geolocation. You can now visit the site in peace, without fear of being spotted by an office colleague or gym-goer. Yousoon ensures that everyone has their own private space. So, if you're looking for a man-to-man relationship that's sure to sparkle, just visit Yousoon. See you soon!