Yousoon makes it easy to find and talk to geeks. You can also meet them in the ideal way, thanks to a range of options.

The geek meeting is a success

Let's face it, geeks are all the rage! They're no longer seen as people who live in basements and never leave the house. Series like The Big Bang Theory or those developed by Marvel and DC Comics have made them more attractive. They now appeal to a large number of people thanks to their culture, their big kid and their imagination. But what exactly does the word "geek" refer to? To better understand the term, we need to take a step back in time. In the 1950s and 1960s, in the United States, the word was used to describe someone who was different, someone who couldn't be understood. In the 1990s, transatlantic engineers and mathematicians used it to mark their identity. Later, some Internet users used the term to identify themselves on forums. Computer scientists in the 1990s were overtaken by the use of this word. Today, some prefer to refer to geeks as technophiles. Basically, a geek is an expert in certain fields such as computing, but not only. They generally have a passion for all things fantastical, whether in video games, movies or books.

Take advantage of Yousoon's thematic selection to meet a geek!

With Yousoon, you don't have to wait until you're at a cosplay show or computer conference to meet a geek. Yousoon is a dating app that lets you meet people according to your passions. You can find the right geek for you in just a few clicks. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship, a fling or to make a friend, the choice is yours. How does it work? Just go to the Yousoon app. Carefully personalize your profile to make it easier to contact you. Then all you have to do is choose to talk to geeks who share your tastes and passions. You can also opt for profiles based on different personalized criteria. You can, for example, select height and weight to match a figure you're likely to like... Yousoon only selects profiles that match your desires. And be careful, these are real people you're dealing with! All profiles are verified and confidentiality is maintained.

Yousoon's geolocation options for pressure-free dating

Have you come across a particularly attractive profile? It's time to go from the virtual to the real for a geek date! To make your first date particularly memorable, Yousoon pulls out all the stops! With its geolocation system, the app lets you find meeting places halfway between the two of you. A wide selection of places will enable you to discover each other in the ideal environment: whether it's an exhibition, a tour, a café, a bar... You'll be in the environment that suits you best for this geeky encounter. You can also take advantage of the "exclusion zone" feature to chat in complete peace of mind on Yousoon. Thanks to this feature, you don't have to worry about being spotted by colleagues at work or by people close to you geographically when you use the app. In fact, you can exclude certain locations from the application's geolocation. This could prevent you from finding, for example, a colleague from the gym or your company's executive assistant! Yousoon ensures that everyone has their own little secret space for geeky encounters away from prying eyes. Wondering how much the Yousoon app costs? Yousoon's priority is to ensure that users find a geeky date, not that they spend their agent's money unnecessarily. That's why the Yousoon app is free for the first few months. After that, monthly or annual subscriptions are available, with no commitment required!