How a man in love behaves
How a man in love behaves

Falling in love isn't always easy. So much so that some men are afraid. Fear of commitment, fear of losing the person you're in love with - these are the signs that there's a problem in the relationship, and that fear is very much on your side.

A gaze that insists, a deep listening

You've been on several dates with your crush and you think you're sensing fear in him? There are several signs of stress and anxiety. A man in love who is afraid may be reluctant to make a commitment because he has doubts.

If this is the case, he'll tend to stare at you for a long time during your exchanges, and to lend an extremely attentive ear. What he really wants is to hear what you have to say, so he can analyze it and decide whether or not to commit himself. This is often the case when the person you're talking to has expressed doubts about wanting to be a couple, or talked about the difficulty of a past relationship or unclear feelings towards an ex-boyfriend.

A change in behavior

A man in love who's afraid can totally change his behavior when he's with you and when you're surrounded by other people, like friends.

If he's calm when you're alone, but in the presence of others he seems to panic, doesn't know who to talk to and glances regularly in your direction during the evening, you can consider that he's afraid. Probably afraid that someone else might be interested in you!

A scared man can run away from you

It may sound strange, and we tend to think that a man who develops feelings will tend to want to spend as much time as possible with the person concerned, but yes, he can also run away and be distant.

When he declines several dates, it doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't love you; it may simply mean that something you've said has made him doubt you and that he prefers to put some distance between himself and you.

When the situation arises, don't hesitate to be frank and ask. A man in love can withdraw into himself after a misunderstanding. That would be a pity when the feelings are mutual!

He may show signs of nervousness

When in love, a man may simply show signs of nervousness. Does he bite his nails? Fidgeting in his chair? Readjusting his clothes or running his hand through his hair? You can be sure he's scared and needs reassurance.

He remembers every detail

A man may simply be afraid to express his feelings. This is always an important step, especially when he's not sure whether you'll reciprocate. When he's afraid to tell you about his love for you, a man will show signs of nervousness, but note that he'll also remember every detail about you very well. The reason? You're important to him, and he cherishes every moment spent with you and everything about you.

For your part, when you realize that a man you like is afraid, don't hesitate to do everything you can to reassure him, with words and gestures.