You can meet a single person in any place you like in France on Yousoon. Simply enter your preferences into the dating site. According to a recent survey, it seems that the happiest singles in France are located in Nice, Angers and Paris. Why these cities in particular? Maybe for the Promenade des Anglais in Nice? Or for the old town of Nice, where you can enjoy an ice cream at the famous Fenocchio ice cream parlour? Angers, on the other hand, is a historic city. It attracts with its large green spaces and its wide choice of bars and cultural and pleasant outings. Paris, on the other hand, needs no introduction. The city of light is the city of lovers. The Left Bank, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, Montmartre, Notre-Dame de Paris... Famous places that are ideal for lovers. You may want to see singles living in these places, or meet them in other places. For example, by rediscovering a town or a village that you grew up in, which makes you feel like a Proust's madeleine. Just hearing its name takes you back several years. You can also choose, in the words of our poet Charles Baudelaire, "to plunge [...] into the depths of the unknown to find something new", i.e. to set off for an unknown destination. To get your hands on the past, to intoxicate yourself with new landscapes, different scents, a slightly different culture... Who cares! The important thing is to let your heart guide you... You can also play the more reassuring card of simply staying where you are now. You like it there and, for some reason, you want to continue living there.

Geographical criteria to find you better

Whatever your desires, there are dating sites that offer matchmaking based on geographical criteria. This is the case with Yousoon. To be eligible, specify your preferences in the site's registration form. This will allow the dating application to match you with profiles corresponding to the location you have specified on your form. And that's not all. You can mention your interests or hobbies on the site. All these elements will allow Yousoon to propose a profile adapted to your tastes. You can also specify the figure or social status of the person you are looking for. Yousoon will match you with the right profile.

No need to worry about talking to someone with a false identity when you are on the dating site as Yousoon verifies profiles. You also don't have to worry about your information being stolen by malicious people. Yousoon guarantees the confidentiality of the data.

Geolocation for a sublime encounter in France

You have met the Niçois, the Parisian or the Angevin of your dreams, to name but a few, and you would like to continue the adventure with them? Why not meet in real life? Thanks to a geolocation option, Yousoon makes it easy to set up a first meeting. The site offers you a meeting halfway between the two of you. You may simply prefer to meet in the user's city or at home... Yousoon presents you with a list of places where you can have a pleasant date. Restaurant, bar, exhibition hall, café, concert hall... You can also choose to visit the surroundings. There is no shortage of choice for a great date in France! Don't be afraid of being spotted when you go on the dating app. Indeed, this kind of site can allow people around you, sometimes against their will, to see users they know. To avoid this, Yousoon allows you to exclude certain areas from your geolocation. This way, you won't be seen by office colleagues or friends from the gym. Yousoon ensures that everyone has their own little secret garden. So, are you ready for a meeting in France? Do you want to get closer to a place you already know, go to the unknown, or go to a famous place? In any case, you know how to be put in contact easily with the profile of a person in France that you will like. So don't hesitate any longer! See you soon on Yousoon!