Buddhists are not common. But it can be easy to meet them on Yousoon. The application makes it easy to connect with them. Who knows, you may have the opportunity to reach nirvana. Does the term "Buddhism" only conjure up images of shaved monks dressed in orange or red linen? Or does it make you think of stone temples in Cambodia or Burma? In reality, this religion and philosophy is all of these things and more...

Buddhism is one of the largest religions in the world in terms of numbers of followers. It has diversified in Asia over the centuries. Founded by Siddhartha Guatama in India in the 6th century BC, it refers to the teachings of the Buddha. The Buddha teaches the way to the 'path' through 'four noble truths'. The first is that everything is pain. The second is that the origin of pain is 'thirst', which comes from desire. The third is that the removal of desire is the way to nirvana. And finally, the fourth means that the path ("marga") leads to the cessation of pain.

Currently very popular, Buddhist dating on the internet attracts people of all religious faiths, as well as atheists and agnostics. Why is it so successful? Many users see Buddhist online dating as an opportunity to meet friendly and tolerant people.

Couple religion

Accept your partner as a natural being

Would you like to achieve enlightenment through a Buddhist encounter? It's easy. Go to Yousoon. Then fill in your registration form in detail. The application puts you in contact with the Buddhist person who corresponds to you. You can also indicate the figure and social situation of the person you wish to meet. Yousoon will find the right user for you.

Don't worry about who you meet. Yousoon checks the profiles. The Buddhist dating site also guarantees your privacy.

Worried about being spotted by a work colleague or gym buddies when browsing the app? An option allows you to remove certain areas from the geolocation. Yousoon makes sure that everyone can cultivate their own little secret green space.

Geolocation to simplify the Buddhist encounter

Are you now ready to meet the Buddhist that suits you? Yousoon sends you a little Zen attitude by making your life easier. It offers you a place halfway between the two of you. The site also presents you with specific places for a first date under the sign of well-being and freedom. On the menu: restaurants, bars, cafés, exhibition halls, concerts... Enough to satisfy your need for well-being and fulfilment!

But don't necessarily expect to find your soul mate during this meeting. Buddhists believe that the ideal partner comes when you least expect it. In any case, they believe that the most important thing is to learn positive emotions and lessons from this kind of relationship.

So, are you ready for the Buddhist encounter? If so, see you soon on Yousoon!