Asexual dating sites are rare. If you are looking for such a relationship, why not go to Yousoon? The dating app is a good way to get connected. Next to terms like "gay" or "lesbian", the word "asexual" is not widely used. As with homosexual or bisexual people, it refers to a sexual orientation. Unlike the homosexual or bisexual, the asexual individual has the particularity of not having sexual relations. The cause is not in any belief, as for example for priests who practice abstinence. No, asexuals simply do not think about having sex. It doesn't excite them any more than, for example, taking out the rubbish bin downstairs. They live their sexuality all their lives. In more detail, there are bi-romantic asexuals. They have a romantic attraction for the other. The grey asexuals experience sexual attraction, but to a lesser degree than the sexed ones. Although they are not keen on sexual relations, asexuals are nevertheless looking for love. This is not without its problems. They need to meet someone who is asexual or who understands this orientation.

The asexual relationship simplified thanks to interest-based matchmaking

You don't have to be a member of an LGBT+ association to meet someone. Yousoon offers a quick connection. How to have an asexual relationship on the dating site? It's easy. First of all, remember to fill in your personal details when you register. The fact of mentioning precisely your hobbies and your passions will allow you to be put in relation with profiles which correspond to you. You can discover common interests with the chosen asexual person. You can also mention the type of figure and social status you prefer. Yousoon will find the right person for you. As far as the veracity of the profiles is concerned, there is no need to worry. The profiles are real. Yousoon also guarantees your privacy. You don't have to worry about the security of your data.

Geolocation options to meet in complete serenity

After chatting, you want to meet the asexual person in real life? Thanks to a geolocation option, Yousoon offers the possibility to see you near the places you frequent. The asexual dating site also offers you different ideas for outings. You can choose a restaurant, a cinema, a concert, an exhibition... You can also choose to visit the surroundings! Note that Yousoon also allows you to avoid being spotted when you go on the application. How can you do this? You can exclude certain places from your geolocation. This way, you won't be visible to your close circle of friends and colleagues when you go on the application! You preserve your privacy in complete peace of mind. Are you interested in asexual dating? Don't be shy and dare to take the first step by going on the dating site. See you soon on Yousoon!

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