They like to spend extra time. " They " ? They are the sportsmen of course! To meet one without getting tired, you can count on the Yousoon app. They had disappeared from circulation for a while. While in confinement, they were no longer seen on the tennis courts, through a gym window, doing squats, or trudging up the mountains to bravely climb the peaks. Only, there you go. Places to practice sports are gradually reopening. Athletes take back their rights. They go to these places again, to lift cast iron or to run on a treadmill in a gym. But paradoxically, the ability of athletes to move mountains and have a very strict lifestyle now leaves them even less time to devote to the search for a soul mate. The work they may have on the side makes their schedules sometimes overloaded. Is it necessary for all that to despair of finding a sportsman? No, because this sought-after profile, which is often distinguished by its musculature, is not necessarily lonely. Exercising in sport increases oxytocin, a substance also known as the "love hormone", according to an American study. Those accustomed to exercise would have a greater propensity to adapt and a greater willingness to socialize. So many athletes like to go to dating sites. They generally appreciate this quick and often effective means of connection. They can chat with people who like their ability to surpass themselves. They can then meet an athlete like them, or quite simply a person who is not athletic at all, but who shares and values ​​the values ​​linked to sport.

Faster, higher, stronger

So, you want to meet a sporty person? Discover Yousoon without delay. The application makes it possible to meet according to their centers of interest . The dating site then promotes your connection. How to benefit from an easy connection? Go to Yousoon. Fill out your registration form diligently, mentioning what you like, what you are looking for. Be clear and specific as much as possible! All of this information will allow Yousoon to link you to the profile of the sports user that matches you. To put it simply, two scenarios are available to you. Either you are not athletic and are looking for one, in which case you know what that entails. Either you are athletic and in this case you can share sport in common, or at least a way of seeing its values ​​in a concrete and relatively similar way. You can also mention the type of figure and social category you are looking for. Once again, Yousoon connects you with the athlete who will capsize you. Don't be afraid to chat with users hiding under a false identity while on the site. All profiles are verified. Yousoon also guarantees data confidentiality. There is no risk that your information will fall into the hands of an attacker.

Geolocation for a sporting encounter without sweating

After discussions that confirm your enthusiasm for a profile, would you like to go further and meet your athlete at heart? Thanks to a geolocation option, Yousoon makes it easy for you to cross the obstacle. The site offers you a meeting place halfway between the two of you. You don't have to worry about finding the perfect place for your first date. And that's not all. Yousoon also presents a list of attractive places for a meeting that is certainly intense and passionate! Restaurant, concert hall, exhibition ... You can also choose to go and visit the surroundings. For example, why not take a little walk or a little jog in the area, for endurance enthusiasts? Worried about being discovered when you visit the dating application ? People in your close entourage can indeed spot you when you navigate on it. To avoid having to undergo this, you can exclude certain places from geolocation. So you don't have to worry about being seen by friends or colleagues at your gym. Yousoon wants everyone to have their own little secret garden! So, are you ready for a sports meeting? This allows you to connect with someone who enjoys performance and physical effort. If you're ready to take the plunge, head over to Yousoon!