Tired of short relationships or not very convincing adventures? Why not try a serious date? Dating site, Yousoon makes your life easier so you can know love with a capital A.

From single to stable lover

Have you been living alone for a long time, or have you been through a lot of romantic adventures that you would have happily done without? Or do you no longer feel like a bachelor? Or do you now think you are ready for a lasting relationship? So why not try a serious relationship? You know, the one that allows two partners to project into the future, to build a story together and to have common projects? The one that is long-term, to experience both the good and the bad times? The one that makes the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry say: "To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction"? What is the interest you say? The serious relationship makes it possible to pass a course. It can be an opportunity to start a family or to engage in a civil act such as marriage! This kind of relationship requires frankness, freedom, truth, and sincerity.

A serious relationship around the corner

Don't you feel like finding the right person for a serious relationship while skimming the bars? Or by keeping an eye out in everyday life? That’s why you can go through a serious dating app. It's a modern way to discover yourself. This is also what a large number of French people do. Many current couples have indeed met on the Internet. So why not you? How do I do this? Go to Yousoon . Remember to fill out your form on the dating site first when registering. The details given, such as your interests and hobbies, will make it easier for Yousoon to connect you with profiles suited to what you are looking for. This element is very important to start a serious relationship. This will probably make you more likely to run into a user who has things in common with you. You can also select on the application the type of profiles with which you want to be connected. You just need to enter the user's social situation and physical description and Yousoon will find the right person for you. And beware: on Yousoon, the contacts are real! The site guarantees the authenticity of the profiles. They are checked one by one. So you don't risk bumping into someone malicious. Yousoon also guarantees your confidentiality. No problem to have as to the destination of the data concerning you!

Geolocation for lovers

Last step and not the least to make a serious meeting: the meeting. Eh yes ! a profile you perhaps particularly liked? Thanks to a clever geolocation system, Yousoon allows you to meet you halfway to make your life easier. It also offers you different ideas for outings. For example, you can choose between going to a restaurant, an exhibition hall or even a museum. You can also opt for a visit to the surrounding area! Note that you don't have to worry about being spotted by a work colleague or tennis partners when you visit the dating app. An option on the site offers you the possibility of temporarily masking your position. You can thus seek a serious meeting in all peace, without being spotted by your close entourage. Yousoon takes care to preserve the anonymity of its users! So, ready for the big jump? If you're interested, don't hesitate to come to Yousoon for a serious meeting!