The problem with French-speaking dating sites and apps is that we often meet people who live in France or Belgium while we live in Switzerland, and vice versa. If there is no problem related to the language barrier, it still greatly complicates things, whether it is to meet each other or to plan a common future. Thanks to the dating filter in Switzerland offered on our Yousoon mobile app, you can ensure that you meet someone who lives in the same country as you and therefore shares your lifestyle.

A simple solution to meet new people

Do you have the impression that you have visited your circle of friends or your professional environment, and you want to meet new people? Meeting someone in Switzerland immediately becomes easier when you use an app like Yousoon. Free and intuitive, our application allows you to meet people who live or work in the same geographical area as you and who share your interests, thus ensuring long and exciting discussions, whether on the app or during a meeting in Switzerland in the place of your choice. Yousoon is also an ideal solution for anyone who has just arrived in a new country and does not know anyone there yet. Thanks to our app, you will be able to meet in Switzerland and easily find someone to chat with, go out and spend time with in order to enjoy as much as possible your new life in this country that you don't know yet! A simple and fluid way to meet people with whom you share interests, whether it's to find love or make friends.

How do I use the app to meet someone in Switzerland?

After downloading our free app on your smartphone (it is available on iOS in Adroïd), all you have to do is follow the steps and let yourself be guided. First, the app will suggest that you complete your profile. Far from being trivial, this step will allow other users of the application to learn more about you and see if you seem to have hooked atoms, so it is it that will make other people want to contact you and start the conversation. So we advise you to be perfectly honest and to be yourself: this is the best way to make a meeting in Switzerland that results in something concrete. Once you have completed your profile, you can start your own search by indicating your criteria in the application, such as the geographical area, the gender of the person you are looking for, the type of relationship you would like to create or your interests. This valuable information will help our algorithm to ensure that we only show you profiles of people who match you and with whom you are most likely to have things in common. To allow you to make a meeting in Switzerland that leads to a friendship story or more, we also offer to accompany you by offering you a list of places suitable for a first meeting and located in your geographical area: bar, cinema, theater, restaurant, etc. Want to meet someone to share good times with? Install our Yousoon app on your smartphone now, fill out your profile and start the conversation: nice surprises are waiting for you!