Do you know Naruto's lines by heart, do you have a library of manga that would make many people jealous and can you spend hours on Crunchyroll watching episodes of your favourite anime? Yousoon offers you to discover the profiles of members who are as passionate as you are thanks to the manga dating filter, in order to create beautiful friendships or even meet the love of your life!

Why download the Yousoon application?

There are many dating sites that promise you wonders, but most of them are very general, which greatly limits the chances of finding a profile of a person who shares your vision of life or your passion. At Yousoon, we believe that for a strong bond to be created between two people, they must have common interests, which is why we created filters like the manga dating filter. Thanks to this easy-to-use feature, you can make sure that our algorithm will only show you profiles of people who enjoy Japanese culture, manga or gaming as much as you do. Not only does this ensure that you have at least one thing in common with the person you're talking to, but it also guarantees that you'll never run out of things to talk about: you'll always be able to discuss the cliffhangers of your favourite anime! By registering on Yousoon and using the manga dating filter, you'll also have the opportunity to meet people with whom you can share your love for the rich world of manga: even if these meetings don't all lead to a serious love story, they can always turn into friendships based on a common passion.

A simple way to meet your soul mate

Nowadays, a lot of dating is done online, whether it's via dating apps like Yousoon or online forums, games or social networks. Why is this? Simply because these tools are part of our daily life, and allow us to meet more easily people with whom we have common points and therefore with whom we can share good moments and long rich conversations. Thanks to the Yousoon app and the manga dating filter, it will only take you a few minutes to get in touch with members who are as passionate as you are about Japanese culture! To do this, you just need to download our free application on your smartphone (iOS or Android) and complete your profile by adding one or more photos as well as information about your personality and your vision of life for example, thus allowing other members to get to know you better. Once this is done, you can launch your first search using the manga dating filter, as well as other filters that will allow you to limit your search to people who are suitable for you, whether it be in terms of their sexual orientation, gender, community or geographical location. Thanks to these criteria, our algorithm will propose a list of profiles that correspond to you and all you have to do is start a conversation with the person or people who seem to correspond to you! Good to know: at Yousoon, we help you to make your virtual meetings a reality by suggesting perfect places for a first date that are located halfway between your location and that of your contact. Meeting a manga fan with whom you can share your passion has never been so easy!