Whether it's finding love or making new friends, the perfect vegan is bound to be waiting for you on Yousoon. Take advantage of the dating site to make a meeting full of flavor! A dating app, Yousoon understands that the best people to meet are often the ones you have when you share things in common. This is ideal for socializing, whether it's to meet love, on a one-night stand, or to make new friends. This is why Yousoon is proud to offer its users a vegan meeting. Yousoon thinks that meeting users who share the same concern for animal welfare can give rise to real sparks.

Vegans are on the rise

But what do we mean by "vegans"? Vegans are followers of vegetarianism, a way of eating that excludes the consumption of animals. While vegetarians consume eggs and milk, vegans forbid them. Their motivation is often to end suffering and cruelty to animals. Vegans also seek through their lifestyle to reduce their environmental impact. The vegan movement is becoming increasingly successful around the world. Queries regarding the term “vegan” typed on Google have skyrocketed in recent years. The motivations can be philosophical, or even economic. In India, about half of the population does not eat meat! This ecological awareness continues to grow, and for good reason! For example, according to a recent study, we know that 78% of greenhouse gas emissions are linked to the breeding of animals.

Match on Yousoon with the profile of the vegan that suits best

Do you want a vegan meeting? Know that Yousoon offers different options to discover a real profile, and that in peace. If there are only about 3% vegans in France, your chance of hitting a real vegan is 100% on this dating app! Whether you opt for a lasting relationship or a friendship, Yousoon puts you in touch with vegans who share your concerns. They respect the earth, animals, nature and love the environment! How to meet vegan? Simply go to the app. Fill out your profile very carefully, as if to throw a bottle in the sea that will bring you back love or friendship. Do not hesitate to discuss your preferences in detail, so that Yousoon matches your profile with that of another user. You can also select the user based on their figure. And don't worry if the users you see are real people. Here, no false identities. All profiles are verified. Remember also that Yousoon takes particular care to guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges.

Different geolocation options to facilitate the vegan encounter

A vegan who lives a few dozen kilometers from your home caught your attention? To facilitate your vegan meeting, Yousson has planned everything! Thanks to an ingenious geolocation system, the dating site allows you to find you halfway! Lounge, cinema, restaurant, bar… It offers a wide choice of suitable meeting places. You will be spoiled for choice for a privileged vegan encounter! Do you fear prying eyes when looking for a vegan date? Don't worry about being discovered when you set out to find the perfect vegan. Well aware that this kind of research can expose you to the eyes of work colleagues or those around you, Yousoon allows you to exclude certain places from the geolocation of the application. No more risk of being seen by geographically close acquaintances thanks to this option! Yousoon wants each user to have their own little secret garden! While the French people feel more and more the feeling of loneliness according to some studies, Yousoon makes your life easier to allow you to truly meet a vegan. This will save you some disappointments, such as having to justify why you are not ordering the seafood platter at the restaurant. So, ignore your shyness and let yourself be guided by the different options of the site. You can find the vegan that suits you and discuss, especially your culinary preferences to learn more about the issue.