Ah Portugal: this sublime country full of magnificent landscapes, delicious gastronomic specialties and above all friendly inhabitants with strong values, especially concerning families and couples. Whether you are from this beautiful sunny country yourself or have fallen in love with it after a trip, Yousoon invites you to share your passion for this country with another person thanks to the Portuguese dating function!

Meet someone who shares the same values ​​

While it is not necessary to agree on everything to create and maintain a stable relationship, it is still important to make sure that you share the same values ​​as your partner, especially with regard to the life of a couple, the vision of life or that of the family. Indeed, it is difficult to plan a future with someone who does not wish to marry or have children when you have dreamed of it yourself for years. At Yousoon, we know that family and couple are two very important criteria in traditional Portuguese life, which is why we have chosen to allow our users to meet people of the same origin or who appreciate these values. via the Portuguese encounter filter. A simple and practical solution to avoiding disappointment by meeting someone who doesn't have the same long-term goals as you. This filter is also very appreciated by our members who are of Portuguese origin who therefore seek to meet a Portuguese or a Portuguese, whose family has points in common with his, both at the level of lifestyle than beliefs, as this promotes acceptance of this new person and those around him in the family.

How is the Portuguese meeting with Yousoon?

The Yousoon mobile app is free and accessible on iOS and Android, so all you need to do is download it to begin the process of meeting a Portuguese woman or a Portuguese person. Once the app is installed, you can start to complete your profile by indicating the information you want about your appearance, your personality and your hobbies, and even add a photo. Particularly useful, this information will allow all the people who visit your profile, using the Portuguese dating filter or not, to learn more about your personality and thus to know if they think they have hooks with you, which will make them want to get in touch with you and strike up a conversation. Then it's up to you to decide whether you want to respond and get to know these people or not. Once your profile has been duly completed, you will be able to launch a profile search using filters, such as that of Portuguese dating, allowing our algorithm to offer you only people who correspond to you, who have the same vision as you in relation to the future or with whom you share common interests. This saves time but also limits the risk of disappointments that arise when you meet someone who is not your match. Good to know: at Yousoon, we support you throughout your story by offering you a list of suitable places for a first date, when you want to take this fateful step!