If there is one topic of conversation that keeps the debate going and never runs out, it is politics. Directly linked to our living conditions and our way of apprehending our daily life, politics takes more and more place in the daily life of many people who wish to take part in the development of their municipality, their department or even of their country. With Yousoon, you have the possibility to use filters like that of the political meeting in order to find a soul mate among people who, like you, are committed and take part in the construction of a better future for the citizens.

Why focus on meeting by center of interest?

Nowadays, many people meet online, whether through forums, social networks or sites specializing in dating. Indeed, we use these media a lot and they allow us to meet new people, who are not part of our friendly or professional circle. Nevertheless, the problem encountered by many users of dating sites is the fact that they are too generalist, which creates disappointments: users fall in love with people who live too far away, who do not share their passions or who do not understand their political, religious commitments, etc. At Yousoon, we wanted to make it easy for our members to find a person who perfectly matches what they are looking for in a life partner, in particular through filters such as the political meeting. Easy to use, these filters allow our algorithm to only offer you profiles of people who share your interests or values, whether in relation to politics, religion, the community to which you belong or still in your hobbies such as cinema or music for example.

How to use the Yousoon application?

Available for free on all iOS or Android smartphones, the Yousoon application downloads in a few minutes and then invites you to start completing your profile before you can use filters such as the political meeting. To do this, you just need to add one or more photos of yourself but also to complete the necessary information in order to ensure that the other members of the application get to know you and decide to possibly strike up a conversation with you. Once your profile is complete, you can launch a search by selecting the filters that seem relevant to you, such as that of the political meeting but also those relating to the gender or sexual orientation of the person you wish to meet, or even of its geographical location. With this information, our app will suggest a number of member profiles that match your search criteria, avoiding wasted time and disappointments!

And after?

Once you have used the political dating filter to find profiles of people who share your beliefs and your commitment to society, you can take the time to consult these profiles and strike up a conversation with one or more people. that seem to suit your expectations. Plus, with interest-based dating and the political dating filter, you're never out of conversation - just bring up the topic to start the discussion! After several hours, several weeks or several months of chatting online, you may decide to exchange your phone number in order to call you or make an appointment at one of the locations suggested by your Yousoon app. Restaurant, bar, museum, theater: it's up to you to choose the place you want to discover with this person you met in the app!