Working as a liberal is interesting, but it necessarily comes with a lifestyle that is somewhat different from that of a person who occupies a traditional position in a company: work on weekends, later hours, pressure to succeed. society, etc. For all these reasons, many professionals who work in libréal wish to share their life with someone who works on the same pattern, and therefore who fully understands their constraints. That’s why we created the “liberal profession meet” filter.

To understand each other in order to appreciate each other better

While it is not necessary to have exactly the same point of view as your partner on all the subjects that can be discussed in a lifetime, it is still essential to be on the same wavelength and understand what drives the other, what interests them, what motivates them to get out of bed every morning. Thanks to the professional dating filter, you can ensure that you chat only with people who understand your attachment to your work and the concessions that this implies on a professional level. In addition, living with someone who also works freelance will offer you the guarantee of having the same rhythm of life as your partner: it is indeed complicated to organize romantic weekends or to plan outings for two when one of the two partners is free on Saturday and Sunday, while the other is free on Sunday and Monday for example. Using the professional meeting filter is therefore the assurance of finding a life partner with whom you will be on the same wavelength and with whom you can carry out all your projects.

How to use this feature?

At Yousoon, our main goal is to ensure that each person can meet the one who corresponds to him or her, whether it is with the liberal profession filter or not. For this reason, we have chosen to offer you a free, intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application. To meet someone on Yousoon, the first step is to complete your profile by adding one or more photos, but also information that will allow the person contacting you to learn more about you and your personality. Then, you can launch your own profile search by setting certain filters, such as the one concerning the professional meeting but also other filters concerning the geographical area, the gender of the person, their centers of interest, etc. Thanks to this information, the Yousoon algorithm will be able to offer you the profiles of people who are most likely to match your expectations. You can then take the time to consult all these profiles, and strike up a conversation with the person or people who seem most interesting to you. Good news: thanks to the professional meeting filter and all the others, you will always know what to discuss with your interlocutor, since you already have things in common! To further promote meetings and great stories, Yousoon accompanies you even during your first date by offering you a list of places located in your perimeter and particularly suitable for a first meeting, such as a cinema, a restaurant, a fairly intimate bar or even a performance hall! So all you have to do is jump in and find the person with whom you can share your life for a few months, a few years, or several decades!