When we are passionate about something, such as video games in particular, we like to spend all our free time enjoying this passion but also sharing it with people who understand us, and who share this passion for video games. Thanks to the interest center meeting offered by Yousoon, you have the opportunity to meet gamers located near you, and with whom you can spend time enjoying your passion!

Sharing your passion for gaming: the key to a successful relationship?

Enjoying playing video games means spending a lot of your free time on your computer or console, participating in events that bring players together or even competitions, in short: it is addicting. It is therefore difficult to reconcile the life of a couple and a hobby, unless the person who shares your life is also a fan of this universe! Thanks to the gamer search available on Yousoon, we invite you to meet geeks like you, who understand your passion and who share it, thus guaranteeing you long hours spent playing or talking about video games together. No more wasting your time with people who don't understand that from time to time you prefer to stay at home in front of a good game than to go out to see the world, or who don't want to accompany you to the next convention on the theme of your favorite game: the gamer encounter filter gives you the opportunity to meet people who live near you and who share your passion for this rich and special world of video games. After several days, weeks or even months of talking (and playing online!) you can decide whether or not to meet a gamer with whom you have chatted face to face, or to keep this virtual relationship. on the web: you are completely free to direct this exchange in the direction that suits you best. Don't wait any longer, and meet our gaming community!

How is the geek meeting with Yousoon?

As with many dating sites and applications, the first step will be to download our free application on your mobile (iOS or Android) and create your member profile. When creating this profile, you will be able to add one or more photos of yourself, but also to provide various information about your personality, your lifestyle and your preferences. Particularly important, this information will allow other Yousoon members to learn more about you, making them want to get in touch with you. Once your profile has been duly completed, two solutions are available to you: wait for other people to send you messages to chat, or launch a search using the various filters available to you, such as the gamer encounter filter for example. Easy to use, these filters will allow our algorithm to select for you the profiles of Yousoon members who correspond to what you are looking for, whether in terms of hobbies, geographic location or even the gender of the person. . Once the search is done, you will therefore have in front of your eyes a list of Yousoon app member profiles that match your criteria. You will be able to take the time to consult their profiles, to learn more about their personality but also to take a look at the photos they have chosen to add in order to decide if you want to contact the one of them or not. Meeting a gamer as passionate as you is therefore quick, easy and particularly intuitive!