Being religious and practicing means that you have certain values, that you follow certain rules on a daily basis, and it is quite normal to seek a partner who shares this same outlook on life. However, it is difficult to target your meetings according to your religion in everyday life, that's why at Yousoon we have chosen to give you this opportunity, thanks to the function meet by religion.

Religion, an important element of the French living environment

Numerous surveys have been carried out in France concerning the place of religion in the daily life of fellow citizens, and the results are clear: one in two French people say that their religion is close to their heart and occupies an important place in their daily life . A result which explains why more and more French people wish to meet by religion. In fact, more and more sites are specializing in this function. However, dating by religion should not be based solely on this criterion because it is important to have more in common with your partner than with your religion. For this reason, at Yousoon, we suggest you meet a person according to your affinities and your values, whether in matters of religion, hobbies, life projects, etc. How does it work? It's very simple: by filling out your profile on our app, you can indicate your religion, your profession, but also select your hobbies and describe yourself in a few words. Then, you can choose filters to direct your search. Thanks to all this information, our efficient algorithms will be able to ensure that we offer you profiles of men or women compatible with you, whether in terms of religion, centers of interest or vision of the life. Beyond a meeting by religion, it is a meeting by affinities that you will be able to have on our app.

Why is religion so important in a relationship?

To form a lasting and harmonious couple, you don't necessarily have to be of the same opinion on everything and have exactly the same interests, however it is important to share a common vision on the main axes of life: married life, marriage, children, fidelity, etc. When we practice a religion, our views on these major issues of adult life are generally guided by that religion, which we consider to be a true guide to life. Dating by religion is therefore above all making sure to meet a person who is more likely to have the same vision of life as oneself, but also the same long-term goals: marry, found a family, etc. Likewise, religion will influence your lifestyle by adding moments of prayer, religious festivals and moments of contemplation to your daily life that you will be happy to share with a partner who understands its value and importance. Finally, dating by religion is a feature very popular with people who have been lulled into religion since their childhood and who therefore live in a family where this aspect represents a lot. Indeed, even if mixed couples in matters of religion are more and more common, meeting a person with whom to share their faith makes it possible to avoid many family conflicts and to reassure those close to them by presenting them with a person who shares the same values. than them.