How do you make sure you meet the right person, in life or on a dating app? How do you make sure you run into someone who shares the same life values ​​or the same passions as yourself? If there is no miracle recipe when it comes to dating, at Yousoon we want you to put all the chances on your side with intuitive filters and a smart algorithm. Download our mobile application now and discover the meeting by community.

Meeting by community, what does it consist of?

You will have understood it, chance has its place in the encounters we make during our life, however that does not prevent us from making sure to maximize our chances of having hooks with the person whom we meet. In everyday life this may not necessarily be doable, but on a dating app it is child's play. Thanks to the information on your profile, your hobbies but also the filters that we make available to you, you can choose the profiles that will be offered to you when using the app. Religion, hobbies, lifestyle, sexual orientation: community dating is a system that will allow you to meet people by targeting people who share your sexual orientation but also a passion or a strong interest in a certain field like cinema, ecology, video games, food or even opera for example. Likewise, if you belong to a lifestyle-based community like the Gypsy community for example, you will easily be able to meet people who are also part of it and who share your values.

Why choose the Yousoon application?

At Yousoon, we are working day by day to improve our app in order to make it pleasant to use but also particularly intuitive, so that all hearts to take can easily find their soul mate and make beautiful meetings, whether through community meetings or not. For this, we have chosen to allow all our users to complete their profiles with relevant information about their personality, their hobbies and their life goals. Thanks to this information, our algorithm will be able to ensure that it offers each user of the app profiles that match them perfectly. This solution gives each of our users more chances to meet a person who corresponds to them, but also allows to facilitate the exchanges by ensuring that you always have topics of conversation related to your common points to discuss with your interlocutor. Whether you belong to the same religious community, whether you have chosen a lifestyle that is different from most people, or whether you are passionate about a particular area, you are bound to find people to discuss it with on Yousoon thanks to the dating function. by community.

Yousoon accompanies you until the first meeting

Making it possible to meet people who are compatible with you is our priority, and that is why we have put in place systems such as community dating. Still, we know for a fact that going from a virtual conversation to a real date can be intimidating, which is why we make sure to walk you through this process, right up to your first date. Are you chatting with someone you like thanks to the community meeting and you want to take the plunge into a physical meeting? The Yousoon teams support you in this process by providing you with a list of places located near you and perfectly suited to a first meeting. Restaurant, bar, exhibition: all you have to do is choose!