It has never been easier to meet a musician. Just go to Yousoon. And take advantage of the interest-based matchmaking. We all know stories of musician couples that don't always end well. For example, Kurt Cobain and his sweetheart Courtney Love. There are also examples of musicians applying the adage "sex, drugs and rock'n'roll" while living a dissolute life, surrounded by fans in love. But musicians are not just that, far from it. They don't necessarily make the headlines, but they often seek a stable love life. It is difficult to meet one because of the time commitment, for example, with tours that can last several weeks, but don't despair. There are many musicians who hope to have a serious and lasting relationship. Far from the clichés, they actually like to convey emotions through music. If they can make people's hearts skip a beat with a few well-felt chords or a few beautifully sung lyrics, they are also often what we call "artists". That is to say, they are people who are very sensitive, who draw on their surroundings and their experiences to create an original musical universe. They dazzle, inspire admiration and often leave no one indifferent.

Describe your wishes for a successful musical encounter

So if you want to be in a relationship with a musician, there are a few things you should know first. They are often on the move and their fans can be very attached to them. For a relationship with a musician to go well, it's best not to be a jealous person, but rather someone who trusts the other person, even when they are not around. If you want to have an easy musician meeting, go to the Yousoon website. Fill in the registration form to describe your expectations, your desires, your needs... Be frank and true. Yousoon will then put you in touch with a musician user profile that should please you. You can also mention the type of figure and social status you are looking for. Yousoon is sure to find the troubadour that will thrill you. Don't be afraid of running into fake users when you go on Yousoon. This is because the dating application verifies profiles. Also, don't worry about how your information is used. This can be important for a dating site. Yousoon guarantees the confidentiality of the data.

Geolocation for easy networking

After a few discussions, sometimes a few songs or a few notes exchanged, you have decided to see your musician in real life? To ensure that your first date goes off without a hitch, Yousoon, thanks to a geolocation option, allows you to meet halfway between you two. To make sure the score is perfect, Yousoon suggests places that will strike a chord with you. Concert hall, exhibition hall, restaurant, café-theatre... There is no shortage of opportunities! You can also choose to visit the surrounding area, or take a romantic stroll along the quays or streets. The choice is yours! Don't be afraid of being spotted when you go on the dating app. Indeed, it is possible on some sites to spot people who are close to you. Thanks to an option, you can exclude certain areas from your geolocation. This way, you won't be spotted by your neighbours or even your concierge. So, are you ready for the magical encounter with a musician? The one that will make your heart sing? If so, you know how to get connected. See you soon on Yousoon!