Pas de crainte également d’être repéré, lorsque vous vous rendez sur l’application, par votre entourage, ou encore par des collègues de travail. Vous pouvez désactiver la géolocalisation de l’application pour vous rendre invisible. De cette manière, vous conservez votre petit jardin secret et restez serein ! Alors, si vous êtes intéressé par le fait de vous faire de chouettes amis, n’hésitez pas à vous rendre sur Yousoon. L’application simplifie la rencontre amicale. À bientôt sur Yousoon !

Meet real people with the friendly meeting offered by Yousoon. The dating app lets you find a friend in just a few clicks.

Loneliness, an increasingly present disease among the French

The Covid-19 crisis is pushing the French away from each other. It comes at a time when many of our compatriots feel a sense of loneliness. This phenomenon is on the rise, even among young people, according to a recent survey. In particular, the habit of virtual meetings, sometimes to the detriment of "real" meetings. As a solution to this feeling of loneliness, friendship is perfect. Unlike the relationships developed for example by social networks, it involves making new acquaintances. It creates a stronger feeling which is great for your health. Friendship improves self-esteem and calms anxieties, according to a recent American study. It also calms depressions and helps fight against disease. Friendship thus has significant therapeutic power.

The friendly meeting on Yousoon, an antidote to the crisis?

Do you want to make a new start, to meet a new friend? And share moments of joy and even sadness? Want to go girls shopping or go to the movies with a good friend? This is on the dating app that it happens. How do you go about it? Go to the application . Personalize your profile. You will then be more easily contacted. You can also chat with people according to their hobbies and passions to make it easier to make contact. Expect to be contacted by real people! On Yousoon, in fact, all profiles are verified. Confidentiality is guaranteed. So you don't have to worry about the management of your personal data!

Different geolocation options for a simplified friendly meeting

Yousoon also wants to facilitate the connection. Different options are proposed in this direction. Have you had a conversation with a user and would like to meet them? If you don't feel like spending the time figuring out where to hang out, that's fine. Yousoon offers a meeting place halfway between the places you frequent. No more incessant calculations to see each other! Best of all, the dating app presents you with a selection of places to hang out. Cinema, exhibition hall, theater, bar, restaurant ... You can even choose to go and visit the surroundings! No fear of being spotted, when you visit the application, by those around you, or even by work colleagues. You can turn off the application's geolocation to make yourself invisible. In this way, you keep your little secret garden and stay calm! So if you're interested in making great friends, don't hesitate to visit Yousoon. The app makes it easy to meet up with friends. See you soon on Yousoon!