Are you in love and don't know how to tell her/him? Do you want to do it in the best possible way? Would you like the moment to be unforgettable? If the person you love does not yet know how you feel, it is important that you know how to tell them. We know how difficult it is to tell someone you love them. So we've prepared this article so that you know how to declare your love to that special person. Discover 5 tips to declare your love to your Crush!

Consider the possibility of being rejected

This person who is so important to you may not feel the same way, so be prepared for a negative reaction and look for alternatives and benefits to this. If you get stuck in the fear of rejection, it will cost you much more than taking the plunge. And you risk entering a spiral of suffering and low self-esteem.

There are many fish in the sea, and believe it or not, things happen for a reason. If that person rejects you, they will make room for another one later on in your life who may be the one to make you truly happy. Think of life as a big adventure where you sometimes win and sometimes lose. But we lose to win later, remember!

Look for the right moment

Don't start when you are with friends who are talking or having fun. Choose quiet times when you are alone with your Crush and no one can disturb you. Also, don't choose complicated milestones for this person such as the recent break-up of another relationship, the death of a loved one or stressful circumstances.

Even if you think that declaring your feelings is beneficial, your Crush may be emotionally unstable and reacting in an inappropriate or unsound manner. If none of this has happened, look for a quiet moment or a weekend getaway by yourself, for example, and go for it.

Start subtly and, little by little, analyse your partner's reaction. If you see that the reaction is not what you expected, do not continue as the negative may be just around the corner. Find out if you have chosen the wrong moment or if he/she does not like you.

Adopt the right attitude

It is important that you adopt a loving, sensitive and humble attitude. What you say should be sincere, from the heart. Otherwise, the other person may notice and become defensive. Say nice things to make him or her feel comfortable. You can try a certain approach, stroking his or her hair, arm or hand... everything should be as natural as possible and not uncomfortable for the other person.

Get ready

Before you take the plunge, you can prepare your speech in advance, it will help you feel more comfortable and you will be less afraid of getting stuck in the moment. Practise with someone close to you who you trust, ask for advice and listen to their experiences, this can always help. However, be aware that things, even if you rehearse them, will never turn out exactly as you thought.

Don't overthink it

The final tip is not to overthink it. If you think about it too much, you will start to assess variables that you have never asked before, that will probably never happen and that may set you back. Relax, take a deep breath and get started. This will certainly be the start of a great adventure with your Crush!