The various lockdowns had suspended them for a while. But that's it, they're gradually picking up! “They”? These are first dates, of course! You know, the ones that allow you to see each other for the first time, and possibly consider continuing the adventure together. Is it your turn to have that famous first date? Congratulations, you have passed the step between the virtual world and the real world! But maybe you're a little stressed at the thought of meeting the other for the first time? To spend a first date with peace of mind, here are some tips.

Coming without a priori

It is better to arrive at your appointment without doing too much research on the person you are going to see. As the maxim says: “Don't do to others what you would not like to be done to you.”, put yourself in the shoes of the person you are going to meet. Would you like her to play Sherlock Holmes on the web to discover information about you? Wouldn't you be embarrassed to know that she may have seen old photos of you that are not very complimentary on a Skyrock blog that is now obsolete, for example? So learn to preserve your privacy and that of others. To do this, avoid going “Googling” the person you are going to meet soon. Indeed, you can usually find on search engines or social networks different information about it. These can be posts sent by herself. It can also be a question of conversations or articles about her. At a time when many of us live on the web, be careful not to get preconceived ideas. So avoid looking up this information before your first appointment. If not, avoid asking him a whole bunch of questions related to your research on your first date. That might make her feel uncomfortable.

Arrive on time

Don't do as Hugh Grant, accustomed to delays and blunders in the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral.” On the contrary, arriving on time allows you to be relaxed and more confident. It also shows your partner that you are reliable and trustworthy. So your appointment starts under good auspices. To arrive on time, plan to arrive on average a quarter of an hour in advance. In case you arrive very early for your appointment, do not hesitate to go and visit the surroundings. This will allow you to ventilate and relax. You will also not risk being seen doing the crane-foot outside the door of the establishment where you are meeting. In the event that you have not been able to free yourself in time, send a text message to your appointment as soon as possible to warn and apologize. In this way you will show him that you care about him and this meeting. Don't forget the adage: “Politeness is the prerogative of kings.”

Put on your 31 (but not too much)

The question of clothes is often essential before a first date. What clothes to wear? Always try to be neat. It is of course also necessary to adapt your clothes to the style of the place you are going to. For example, a meeting in a trendy bar requires more casual clothes, a meeting in a fancy restaurant requires a more "proper" outfit. For men, there is no need to take out the tuxedo on all occasions. For ladies, it is not worth wearing excessive makeup. Not too much need. It's all a question of skill and dosage. The main thing is to be comfortable in your outfit and to adapt it to the circumstances. It also allows you to have a little more confidence in yourself.

Use humor sparingly

Humor is a sensitive subject on the first date. For example, a recent survey indicates that good humor can land a person on a second date. Conversely, 84% of women and 64% of men surveyed believe that a bad sense of humor can end a relationship. So be careful when trying to make people laugh. Avoid, for example, leaving from the beginning of your date in endless antics. They risk making the other person uncomfortable or causing them to burst out laughing, for reasons that are not necessarily the right ones. Tell yourself that humor is above all a profession. Everyone does not handle humor in the same way. There are gifted people and others less so. There are people who are more or less receptive. But how do you relax the atmosphere without weighing it down? It may be interesting to use the "private jokes" used during your exchanges on the dating site. This brings continuity between your virtual and real conversations. It also allows for more natural and less forced exchanges. Also pay attention to your partner's reaction when you do these humorous traits. You will know more about his way of receiving your jokes. And you can continue or adapt them more appropriately.

Be yourself

If there was only one piece of advice left, it would be this: be yourself! It is by being like this that you show the other that you are ready to live a beautiful story with him. That's easier said than done. Above all, this requires a little work on yourself before the first date. To arrive in an authentic and serene way, ask yourself a few questions before this one. Ask yourself what your strengths and weaknesses are. You will know better your potentialities and your limits of the moment. Also try to understand what worked well during your previous romantic encounters and what did not work so well. This will help you not to make the same mistakes again. Ask yourself what you really expect from this appointment and this meeting. This will allow you to arrive at your appointment in a more informed way. Finally, to better bring out your personality, you can choose a meeting place that particularly inspires you. For example, why not go to a bar you know well? You will be more comfortable in your element. During the date, also be relaxed. Your personality will express itself more easily. Learn to laugh at yourself. For example, do you drop a tomato while eating a burger? It doesn't matter, know how to laugh! And just enjoy the moment. So, good first date!