Couple friendship
Couple friendship

Dating has evolved over the years and continues to do so. In 2023, we can expect new trends that will change the way we find love.

1. Virtual meetings

Online dating has been popular for some time, but in 2023 it will be even more common. Dating apps will continue to be used, but we'll also see an increase in live virtual dating. People will be able to meet online and have face-to-face conversations thanks to virtual reality technology.

2. Meetings based on common interests

Dating apps have already started using algorithms to match people based on their common interests. By 2023, we expect this trend to increase. People will be matched not only according to their music or film preferences, but also according to their professional interests and hobbies.

3. Green meetings

Green dating is a trend in 2023. People will be looking for partners who share their commitment to the environment. They might look for partners who recycle, drive electric cars or eat organic food.

4. Meetings based on proximity

Dating apps have already started to use location technology to match people who are in the same geographical area. By 2023, this trend will continue and we'll see dating apps that focus specifically on proximity. People will be able to meet people who are in their neighbourhood or city.

5. Dating based on astrological compatibility

Astrological compatibility is a trend in 2023. People will be looking for partners who match their astrological sign. They could use dating apps that take astrological compatibility into account to match people up.

In conclusion

Dating trends in 2023 are marked by the increased use of technology and the search for partners who share the same interests and values. Whether you're looking for love online or in the real world, there will be an option for you and you'll be able to meet people who suit you on our app. Yousoon.