It is not always easy to organise meetings between women. If the tools exist, they are not always well adapted. That's why Yousoon offers lesbian dating that leads to real connections. The dating app for lesbians, Yousoon has understood this problem. This is why the application offers features to meet people and maybe find love. Indeed, Yousoon aims to ensure that dating is not just about physical appearance, but about shared interests. In this sense, the application encourages users to put a photo of themselves on their profile, but also, and above all, to fill in their information. This will be an opportunity for them to mention their passions, their hobbies, and all the things that make them tick in life. These are all elements that will allow Yousoon to match their profile with that of another user. Another option on Yousoon to facilitate lesbian dating is the possibility to indicate the nature of the relationship desired by the user, i.e. whether she wishes to meet love or simply share a friendship. This choice makes it possible to clarify the situation from the start. In this way, Yousoon hopes to create more authentic and respectful relationships between its users, who will know from the outset where they stand. This should also help to develop a climate that is favourable to discovering each other.

Geolocation options for a successful lesbian encounter

Have you spotted a woman you are particularly attracted to? The dating application makes your life easier by offering you the places you frequent. It also presents you with a whole series of places where you can meet under favourable conditions for a good encounter. These can be bars, restaurants, exhibitions or places to walk. Take the opportunity to go for a walk in the forest or to take a stroll in the surrounding area! In short, you have a vast choice that can only help you have a good time for a successful lesbian encounter. Another feature offered by Yousoon consists in allowing you to remain invisible in certain places, for example those corresponding to your place of work or to the geographical area of your entourage. This way, you won't be afraid of being seen by people close to you when you go on the dating application. This is a private space that Yousoon wants to preserve for its users. Everything is designed to allow you to meet women in a more relaxed and serene way.

Privacy preserved, zero false profiles

Are you worried about fake profiles? Don't panic, Yousoon checks that the profiles mentioned correspond to real people. So you're not talking to a robot or a fake user when you visit the application. It also guarantees confidentiality by treating your data with the utmost care. Now you're ready to send messages and meet new people! You will finally be able to discover women who appreciate the same things as you, who feel the same needs and why not, share the same desires as you. So, if you are a woman looking for a lesbian encounter, go to Yousoon!